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Fashionably Busy in Angola

11 Oct

“Thank You very much for the questions and I have to rush preparing for Angola.” Was the next to last line in Mpho Kuaho’s reply to some questions I had sent her about Fashion in Botswana (Check it in next post)… so what is this “Angola” she is rushing to then? Well… do you have a cushion? Place the cushion under your jaw now. What I am about to tell you, if you can imagine the future fearlessly, will simply blow your mind, or just drop your jaw.

Angola Fashion Business is huge, and when I say huge I mean beeg. This is a fashion industry event backed by beeg guns, Angola’s equivalent to Botswana’s Ministry of Minerals Energy & Water Resources…more or less. However, just to be precise the originator of the fashion industry event is Angola’s Ministry of Geology, Mining and Industry. Forget diamonds, dodgy copper & nickel reserves and barely scratched coal reserves, that ministry is responsible for oil reserves… just for starters. The other huge sponsor is Sonangol the oil company… like I said Beeg. So anyway no one there will be tramping about in gum boots and hard hats, its all going to be about strappy heels, chic fabrics and every conceivable aspect of beauty. Since Angola can be a bit pricey, especially to us who don’t earn in US Dollars, there is something else to get into… knowledge. At Angola Fashion Business there will be workshops ranging across all the various spheres that make up the fashion galaxy.

Come to think of it… this idea is languishing locally due to a general misunderstanding of the particular industry both at consumer and corporate level. And I kid you not, it could actually fly, especially if the ugly bits are trimmed out and only the beautiful core is kept on the table. The owners of the idea will make money casue y’all will attend in your thousands; the event itself will make beautiful because generally it is rather well though out; and the people blowing their hard earned Pulas there will be for once happy with the variety of the local consumer climate. Unfortunately I signed a piece of paper that says I can’t talk about what I know on that particular event or the owners will get upset… the modern day price of knowledge; silence. One day I will say I told you so… this will be what I was talking about.

Anyway, who will be representing in Angola? Why Mpho Kuaho of course, backed by the ever Divarish at some catwalk but impossible to find in stores Black Trash; and someone called Thato Mokgadi… don’t worry Monsieur Polk is on the case to find out more as well. Africa Fashion Week favourite Ethiopia’s Anna Getaneh of African Mosaique will be in the house; as will the usual vanguard of South Africa’s fashion, Mzanzi fashion flamingos David Tlale,  Kluk CGDT and new Flamingo on the fashion lake Gert-Johan Coetzee (Claim to shame – once dressed a Kardashian… but he is a lot more talented than that, just ask the Bedazzler herself Bonang Matheba). Thanks firstly to the first Africa Fashion Week (and more recently Colour in The Desert) we now know Soucha personally, even if many of us first realised Egypt was literally part of Africa when that country joined the Oust-a-Kleptocrat/Dictator Movement. The home team will feature Dina Simao, Carla Silva, Avelino Nascimento, Elisabete Santos, Lucrecia Moreira… I should stop your eyes are crossing just trying to figure out where you might have heard of them all… Dont worry I’ll ask for you.

Anyway more than 40 designers from over 20 African countries will help fill 6000 square meters with fashionability at the second annual Angola Fashion Business 2011, 14 -16 October. If you have friends in Angola tell them to send you a Revista Chocolate when it’s out, Joana the editor of Chocolate spent a part of September in the Okavango and she had a ball… so maybe the Colour in the Desert ambassadors will make the cut. 😉