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Fresh Thoughts Again

20 Nov


The Monsieur can and does get into fanatic spaces as a mater of course. Earlier this week it was with a discrete inquiry (launched with charm and grace) that a seat at the second outing of The Fresh Thinking Series was secured. – Lets #FTS this thing right away, it is already a mouthful as it is – Please understand that a healthy dose of over-sell-and-under-deliver is the norm on the streets of Gaborone, so you know… its always useful to suck it and see *wink* for free, first. Next time we pay if it was everything it said it was on the packaging.  So what is it…? This #FTS – rummage around here a bit and you will get what they say it is.

The Monsieur has another view… #FTS is a great way to spend the day outside of the office actually, more importantly it is what you make it. Yes, you will have an excellent array of folks articulating things you have probably been too lazy… OK, too busy to google, or knew all along but needed someone to make it make sense. I say this because the people in the room listening to the podium were mainly high fliers themselves, so really the IQ in the room,  and university qualifications as well as the collective experience could turn the tide in Botswana in a shorter time than it takes to say B.C.L.

Sadly Monsieur’s #FTS was a victim of premature you-know-what as he had to leave the room to attend to matters of life and death. Upon returning it turned out that the best had been had and that was that… but this exposed a possible missed opportunity. #FTS pretty much just… ends. You have been placed on a super high by some super thinking and then you have to turn to your super friends and pretty much… well, super leave. The short breaks during the day long affair are an opportunity to circulate while the fresh ideas peculate. However nothing drives those ideas further home than a little liquid lubrication, a good sipping session where tongues can be unlocked further.

Frankly, as with many speaking/panel discussion situations the interaction can feel a bit two dimensional. It goes a long way to have actually inspiring content and a chance at spirited debate – however, because of our always on and always connected nature, attention spans are likely to need stronger stimuli every year. Without changing it, because it ain’t broke, perhaps a resolution session could be an excellent idea to help people internalise the inspiration. A call to action that helps bring everyone present one step closer to actualising the Fresh Thinking in high flying lives. Perhaps they can then report their progress to the #TFS website for all to see and be inspired further.

Best part… The Monsieur made new and rather diverse friends – A risk manager who seemed the type to go out and eye-ball the risk rather than rely solely on computer projections. A pâtissier who collected the Tswana jams littering the tables to go experiment with in her confections. An industrial designer responsible for the coherence behind an urban lifestyle brand from Botswana. Guess what… we are all going to do fresh things, together.

Next year…? The Monsieur is paying… voluntarily. Then perhaps you will hear a lot more about the Monsieur’s experience then.

Pic: The Pressphoto

Tea is the way Forward

22 Nov

Tea has gained a reputation that outstrips its caffeine packed colonial origins. We now have iced tea – really cold tea, Red Cappuccinos – made from Roibos tea, tea treatments at spas – rubbing tea into your face, High Teas – to show off really impractical hats, The Boston Tea Party – A toyi toyi against Taxes that went overboard and… ummm tea tree oil…? OK, O I admit I was stretching it there a little.

There is a sweet looking entrant to the tea stakes, the High Socie -Tea. The first one goes down in Jozi and is brought you by the good folks at BF Lifestyles. Let me tell you why you are going to attend this little shindig… and just because its in Jozi doesn’t quite cut it. Though the focus will be on media and lifestyle related professionals you will get to meet like minded individuals who may just be the friends you didn’t know you could have. You will get to wear those fantastic clothes you have been itching to wear at a nice day time function not another sweaty affair at the GICC. Lepang Ferguson will be hosting the event along with singer Nothende and Model/Businesswoman Precious Makgaretsa.

But you know what, yes it does rock somewhat that the shindig will be in Jozi. I mean it will be Saturday night after all and you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to what to do with your new found friends later in the evening.