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A friend in knead is a friend indeed

21 Jan

Food, food glorious food, that stuff will never go out of style even if niche haters, like anorexics, and over specialisers (stand up!) vegans, sometimes give food a weird aura. With all the Oliver/Ramsey/Lawson/Floyd etc mega calorie line up of food deities trooping through our weekly TV menu, we might never run out of ways of praising the much needed daily nutritional leg up.

The internet is a real “misexplored” jungle of new delights, old favourites and downright scary discoveries. There is much to indulge in online, much too much. Even friends have gotten in on the food action making their blogs one of my most visited food inspiration places online.

“What the frick is an egg special’ Et voila… Jizzfest in my mouth! BOOMSHAKALAKA!”

When my son met Ipel(eng) he decided he was gona hate on her right away. I was a lot more patient… and I am still waiting to hate on her. I have since discovered that she is not afraid to get her (very) beautiful hands dirty… in the kitchen anyway.  Her food blog is practical (like her) it drifts here and there (poetry and memories sneak in) while staying in familiar territory (tomato, onion, atchar, mayo in the glass jar with the green lid) You won’t find glossy pictures trying to trick your stomach through your eyes, nope! What you get is what it is, and this is probably what your first attempts at these recipes are going to look like… where you take it after that is entirely up to you, she encourages it.

“I have been walking and painting…and walking and painting…and cooking!”

Ni’Cole is an aspiring writer, in that she is yet to narrow it down to her niche, who got tripped up by the food thing and fell headlong into the pot to a blissful demise of marrying food to her musings online. The life journey that she is on is marked out with many food milestones instead of just scenic ramblings about le vie. Don’t get hung up on her sometime patently English point of view, she is just being inclusive of all her friends who come from all over the world, especially Botswana. Actually her leisurely take on food gives a great taste to food for thought. Now if only she could just get that book out…

“There are just some things in the culinary world that should remain as simple as possible. One of these things is the burger.”

Thembi is a criminal in that she eats so well and wears it better… but that’s not why she is getting mention here. Her dreamy cup cakes with rose tinted names like Red velvet are nirvana in a nibble. There was an occasion when some panana tried to fake the funk and described the cupcakes as “not nice…” When I asked what was “not nice…” about Thembi’s cupcakes it came down to, “it wasn’t what I expected…” Yes well there you go, a total case of expectations being so well exceeded that the cupcake novice found themselves in new territory and didn’t know what to think, or say. I say Thembi’s cupcakes are so good your senses just won’t be equipped to deal with it.

I find it more credible to look to people you know for recipe ideas, that way you don’t have to hide behind the excuse that Ramsay’s swearing turns you on, when in actual fact you are trying to avoid the fact that he is actually so talented it’s intimidating. Knowing your friend’s strengths and weaknesses but also seeing what they are capable of is a lot more convincing of your own potential to succeed at the stove. Take inspiration from your foodie friends then go start your own culinary revolution… or try not to burn a pot of water at least.

Pics – GlassTableGirl & Bella Pastry Bakery