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Double the Trouble

12 Oct

Sorry to disappoint, but I am going to talk about something I can’t share with you yet… Move on.

Zeus is a bizzy little beaver, with the hair cut to match. He has been leveraging like a fulcrum of off anything and everything to get his music and love out there. The last powerful image I have of Zeus was him tearing up in the arms of a Naija manimal, yes Karen. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t hate on a TV character so don’t get hung up on that, it’s the image I want you to think about. Zeus/Karen. Zeus in Tears, Karen moved. Loads of support and hugging. For me that is Zeus, a real human being. He looked passed the grotesque (olde English for “unclassifiable”… trust me) and found the woman Karen probably was before she took the fame route. That is the Zeus I think is the foundation of the super star persona.

Back to the music, the new track “Double Wowza” is about to drop… umm, soon. The Botswana/Malawi collabo is an extension of that Big Brother Amplified (BBA) family of gifts. Tendai “Lomwe” Namate (Malawi’s poster boy of Heart) tag teams an epic sounding little bit of production with Zeus. I wish they threw down a remix as well where they did a Setswana/Chichewa Motswako thang… but what do I know about marketing music? Anyway a mixed tape is apparently lurking in the DIY (literally, Do it Yourself) music making machine. Its a mixed tape so anything can happen, such as Hanni (Ethiopian entrant on BBA) appearing on that jaunt.

For the Zeus hungry, there is an album and a music video on the horizon. About the album title, also called Double Wowza, the term Wowza is allegedly something Zeus and Lomwe used to say on Big Brother Amplified… I thought it was #I’mGoinIn… but I stand corrected, it also doesn’t make a catchy album title, “Double I’m Goin In”… see?

One last thing… a snippet from the press release and it is priceless…”After the exchange of battle-rhymes [On BBA], the question on the minds of the 40-45 million people watching the show around the continent was, “Will the artists do any work together after the show ends?” Double Wowza is the answer to that question!”

I guess 40-45 million African can rest easy now that their question is answered… or they can just put on their Dancing Shoes.

Pics – Lapologa Magazine