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Not For Players Only

26 Sep

There is a guy called Vikter Duplaix, and he isn’t from Russia with a first name spelt that way, nor is he from some sweaty French underground club with a second name spelt that way. Either way it isn’t as important as the fact that this mofo is about to turn Soweto on its head this Sunday… *Silent Moment of prayer. Had I known… Had I bloody known! Y’all would be on a big ol’ bus with me this Sunday to go nurse your post independence weekend hangovers ka daa. Bona enough talk just, take a hit of THIS once or twice and tell me who’s your daddy.

About the Thesis item… I first came across them while doing a search for something totally unrelated. They hit because I guess they were repping their hood, Soweto, internationally in a way that got the internationals talking and inviting Thesis over to theirs, but most importantly they got the internationals coming over to see Soweto for themselves.

I was over there myself and had a damn ball. Starting with a complete bunch of helpful strangers shipping me half way across Mofolo and back to look for a functioning ATM. Can’t beat that sort of welcome by a long shot. I also got to hear all about what the Thesis thing was all about from the owners and total strangers, and cool peeps, it was all positive. Heck I could go on about that dope thing… but that’s not the point.

Now don’t go feeling like you are left out just because you live in Botswana (read that as Gabs) and have an irrational fear of the original Kasi. In Gabs you could go to the Main Mall and get you some of the same sort of love at The BW Store. These young Bucks are rolling on a multi mission tip. Yes they got that fresh swagger thing on lock, they also want to uplift the unsigned hype profiles of artists in Gabs (and Bots), they also want to give back even if it is a little at a time. That is like where the Thesis concept also sort of started, young bucks with ideas and the energy, not necessarily the money. Look at Thesis now.

Photo – Sean Armenta

Ready for the Full Keita

9 Sep

It was a green field on the Spier Wine Estate, groomed to look like one of those premiership soccer fields where dreams are dashed or realised every weekend during the European soccer season. Basically it looked the bomb, at one end of the field was the stage, at the other end was a food court, part of which was curated by What If the World (the Neighbourhood Goods Market kats) litterally plonked down on the field. This is why people move to the Western Cape, the lifestyle is insanely akin to what I imagine heaven should be like.

“He has lost his intensity, he used to have a lot more passion a few years ago.” said Neo Muyanga as we welcomed the highlight of the concert onto stage with applause. The man with the lost intensity was Salif Keita and this was in December 2006 at the Spier African Music Festival. What could I say, one musical god was appraising another matter-of-factly with no judgement, so I took it to be an uncontious observation. My mouth did otherwise it said… “Why?” Neo’s reply was a long story which I can’t fully recall, but it had to do with the fact that when Salif came out as a musician he was anti-establishment, not only for his albinisim but also going against his royal roots. No royalty was supposed to be an entertainer… So time had taken its toll and maybe the great artist was starting to show the weight of his chosen path… something like that. Two things, firstly I had never consciously listened to Salif Keita at that juncture, secondly Mafikizolo had just board the hell out of us. Nhlanhla was ever graceful and Theo was energetic, but somehow it just wasn’t working that afternoon at Spier. So me, I was like bring on the Salif, and yo bring it he did. The master Kora player was also insanely fantastic, he got you on your feet whether you wanted to be up or not. After that performance I was left wondering that if this was Salif with no intensity am I even ready for the full Keita…? And what is he like when he is fully on point?


On September 29th 2011 Botswanacraft will be Salif Keita’s court, where we will all be treated to royal treatment by one of the real heavy weights of African music. I would like to think I am ready for this occasion as the Botswanacraft stage is also more intimate than a manicured field under the African sun. I am not sure who is gona get mugged exactly to facilitate that steep (but worth it) BWP400.00 ticket for a night of pure African magic, but they best be aware that it was for a good cause. Make no mistake, the other musicians (Banjo Mosele and  The Veterans) on that stage come the September 29th are going to feel the Full Keita and bring out only their best. You just can’t share a stage with Salif Keita and bore people to death like some young bucks once did.

Missing! Botswana Dj’s on Africa’s Decks One and Two

8 Sep

Voting season never ever goes away, whether you are voting for who will be taxing you for the next five years; or which young girl should go on a global stage to win a year of spreading charity love in your name; or which artists you will expect to get a thank you hug from because you helped win them a fancy dust collector.

MTV’s Video Music Awards 2011 just left us with a pregnant view of what the world considers ‘cutting edge’ musically. It is now Channel O’s turn to do the same but from an African point of view. So to get to it 6 people you have most probably never heard of are on the judging panel, they are DJ Black, G Money, Toolz, Reuben, Bryan McKenzie, DJ Caise. Go on, tell me something I don’t already know about any one of these industry respected veterans. I got all day… but, you will only get an internet minute. Too late. Let me school you… quoting from the Channel O textbook this is the knowledge;

DJ Black: Member of International DJ’s Movement. Founder of Blaqbone Media. Hosted shows for Akon, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, Fabolous and Shaggy. Judge for the Metro FM Awards (SA), guest DJ at YFM (SA) and a guest DJ for Big Brother Amplified.

G Money: Hosts “G Money in the Morning”, a breakfast show on HomeBoyz Radio 91.5FM in Nairobi Kenya. Current projects include the Homeboyz Radio School. He owns a marketing solutions company and a production company which has worked with some big-name UK artists.

Toolz: Real name Tolu Oniru, hosts ‘The Midday Show with Toolz’ on The Beat 99.9FM in Nigeria. Radio Presenter of the Year 2010 at the Nigerian Broadcasters Awards; Radio Personality of the Year at the Dynamix All Youth Awards; Sixth on Studio 53 Extra’s Top Radio Presenters in Africa list.

Reuben: Full name Reuben Obare Ndege hosts and produces SO SO FRESH on Clouds FM, Tanzania. Reuben hosted gigs and parties for artists like Eve and Fat Joe as well as the Tanzania Music Awards.

Bryan McKenzie: Presenter and music director at HOT 100FM, Uganda (Now at Radio City FM ). Vice president of Platinum Entertainment; also features on Jam Agenda and Showtime Magazine. Best Radio Presenter at the Buzz Teeniez Awards and nominated for Best TV Personality Award at the same awards.

DJ Caise: A top resident DJ at The Beat 99.9FM in Lagos, Nigeria. He has been described as one of the most exciting and innovative young Nigerian entertainers to ever grace the turntables.

Dj Fresh aside… I don’t know about you but this list gives me the impression we can expect to see a BOMU (Botswana Music Union) award winning DJ on here at any… time… soon…? I think. Oh wait BOMU doesn’t recognise DJ’s, this is by omission from their awards categories not from some playa hating you understand. What about the Presidential Arts Awards…? Nope, nothing there either and please understand the man hasn’t even got the time to be a playa hater of Dj’s. So err DJ’s what y’all gona do about it? And no Bots DJ’s, I ain’t just sayin… I am saying; What. Are. You. Going. To. Do. About. It?

Anyway whatever, go vote for Africa’s finest music video talent this year, never mind that Zeus is not single-handedly keeping Botswana in the Channel O awards spotlight this year, dude has got plenty of other fish to fry right now.