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Word: Guerrilla Grapher – Definition: Max Mogale

3 Nov

This is the Max Mogale I happily stumbled upon one day on the Facebook. One of the happiest memories of my photography life. Sometimes its just best to let the original words do the (s)talking…


Conversation started 25 August 2009


Ewetse Khama

Fear not

Hey there Max, been looking at your booth series, killing me my African brother, straight killing me. Mare why you worry so much though? The bravery you displayed in documenting a time and space in a very tangible CPT (like who can tell its CPT?) is in my opinion historical. I have issues with that city so when someone can make it beautiful again, fuck the hat, I take my whole head off to them.

Another thing though, which may be linking back to the historical point, is that back when the Face and ID were popping for the first time, those things were like eye candy, until some peeps realized that they were mapping culture as it evolved… FYI, Max Mogale is doing it for CPT and MZANZI.


Oh…And I like that there isn’t a story to go with it. It would only piss me off. I unfortunately know exactly what I am missing, but some other person might miss the significance of having such visionaries plain chilling on your shoots. Mmmaphuti, Check, Yangiswa Check, and all those other types I fraternized with for years but never got to meet… it was something to do with ruining the fantasy. I didn’t want to go that far. I understand that I risked missing out on meeting fuckin brilliant personalities, but that’s the shit thing about the Cape… the fantasy’s are often stronger at times.

Hey man, from me to you, you put the hot shit in hot shit.

PS: Tell anyone I wrote any of this and I will deny it and call you stalker!


25 August 2009


Max Mogale


Thanks for that man. I’ve been looking at this message all day trying to decipher exactly what you are saying but the general vibe I get is a positive one. And I thank you for that. Im all bout the positive thing, tryna make it as a young black photographer in this game. Ive lived in CPT for a while and Ive always had my reservations about it, but its getting better. The people are awesome(as youve seen) and Im thankful that I have an oppurtunity to take a piece of their soul

Youre right, I am a bit sensitive bout my work because every shoot I do is one from the head and heart and I pretty much wing it when I get to it. Its always great to see it come out the way its intended. I thank you once again for your kind words


All pictures by Max Mogale

Asked & Answered: GaTsh Fros

21 Nov

This one is going to be a marathon. I once got it into my head to feature these two fashion stoned ladies for a magazine article on something called contemporary culture. Don’t ask me what it is, I once asked someone for their definition the answer was eloquent and oh so right , I would have loved to write it here word for word, but my daughter in a very contemporary culture gesture flushed my phone with the message saved in it. And so began my secret love affair with their sometimes jarring but never boring marathon eruptions on the subject of fashion. I promised them a date to a regional Fashion Week one day, and it shall be done even if is only so the Monsieur can bask in their spotlight for a night or two… it does wonders for the ego’s tan. Well then, Gaone and Tsholo… GaTsh Fros… settle in and geTsh some.

Right ho! Ladies, what do you do for GaTsh?
Ga: We translate fashion based on our inner creativity. Through this we promote our own fashion styles which we term “GaTsh”… MIX and MISS. Yes we have inspirations, but an inspiration can only do as much “inspire”.

Tsh: That’s a good question… well on my part, I’ll talk about GaTsh any day, with any and everyone, till the social networks run outta business, till the second coming of Jesus Christ. We plan, inspire, innovate, advocate, encourage life principles through fashion. As GaTsh, we get our voices out there. We organises your Life. When I struggle with words, GaTsh gives me a voice, I speak fluent gestures through GaTsh.

What does GaTsh do for us?
Ga: Our job is to transform you into a person you would like to look at every minute of every day simple because you love how you look. Look forward to opening you closet and choosing an outfit that you would look good on. We crave the challenge to be faced with opportunity to style an ordinary person who is into fashion but does not have an idea on what would look good on them and what wouldn’t. GaTsh Fros provides outsourced style consulting and personal shopping services and update individual/company looks.
We DO NOT style based on what we define our fashion as (mix and miss), we style according to what the client prefers based on their occupation, body shape etc and translate that to a better fitted look for you. But if you want to go GaTsh, then let the transformation begin!!

Tsh: GaTsh, is here to inspire you to think beyond the box of ‘what is’ to ‘what can be’ .To encourage you to look beyond the limitations of ‘other’ created rules and follow your own vibe…wear what makes you feel good about yourself…we are here to open your mind, kick the rules out of the window and help you follow your heart and your own sensibility. Forget what Glamour says and frankly if being a ‘don’t’ is the only way that makes you feel good then by all means GO FOR IT! Don’t worry about the whispers and the finger pointing. As long as you are expressing your own self and not merely trying to replicate the selves others created, you win. GaTsh is your voice of reason, you shouldn’t have to dress safe just so you can blend in and avoid people staring. We advocate for confidence. ‘Regular’ and ‘safe’ are opinions and you don’t have to agree if you don’t share them. But remember. You don’t have to be bold if that’s not you. GaTsh is here for you. GaTsh is, your guardian gods of fashion.

If there was no GaTsh… lets rephrase, what would you be doing if you weren’t into fashion?
Ga: GaTsh is here now, later and beyond time, but if I was not into fashion the next best things would have been interior designing and a new found love is cooking. I’d probably be exploring my chef skills. Best thing has to be experimenting on a new dish and garnishing the food. These two come close to how I would like to spend most of my energy if I wasn’t into fashion because they both have an element of creativity.

Tsh: I’D BE a god of gesture, a god of swift movement as in, a choreographer. I’d be somewhere around the world touring with Janet Jackson as her choreographer or choreographer of this year’s season of “So you think you can dance”. I am a very artistic soul.

So Fashion… what is it?
Ga: Fashion is only a guide to what lies beneath your style sense. Fashion and its trends come and go with every page turned.

Tsh: Fashion is WHAT money can buy. Fashion is the science of appearances. Fashion is what’s in. FASHION is expensive. I always say, a lot of people who are fashionable think they are stylish. Same way that a lot of people think money can buy u style-misappropriation of terms. HUGE DIFFERENCE. GET IT RIGHT

Is there such a thing in Botswana?
Ga: Is there fashion in our motherland!! Mmh, I would say we are getting there a slow pace but gotla siama.

Tsh: Yes, there is fashion in Botswana. It’s semi-conscious. Batswana now know what’s trending and what’s in. They know the science, it looks promising. You got your local designers even; they know what’s HAUTE what’s NOT. It’s a palpable awakening.

How does it manifest locally, what can we say is 100% Botswana fashion?
Tsh: 100% BOTSWANA? Di sandal tsa matlalo a podi… hahaha… OKAY, seriously… Our fashion is borrowed.

So who are your top three style icons in Botswana? Oh, and why?
Ga: Mpho Laing… My Mum.

Tsh: My top 3 style icons in Bots are; style icons? Whaaat a title for Botswana, okay… my mom, my style is influenced by my mum (she has a good eye for detail, cut and ALL things clothes… I guess she’s a big part of my “inner style”… the insane ladi in me is just an extension of her… another Bots style icon, yess… GAONE my right boobie, GaTsh Fros and Mpho Laing. These fros are EPIC. They do NOT follow rules. They make their own rules 🙂 they are fearless… They make shifts.

This year saw some movement on the local fashion scene; out of 10 how did you rate each of the following; Gabs Fashion Nite; Colour in the Desert Fashion Week; Botswana Fashion Week?
Ga: 7/10, 8/10 and 5/10 respectively.

Tsh: Gabs fashion nite, was a first, was like a baby taking its first steps, a breath-taking moment for Botswana fashion industry. It was the first step to the staircase. It was that first garment worn to make that first impression. I give it a 9/10, beautiful but likkle bit short. Colour in the desert 7/10—wonderful nite… but the turn out wasn’t up to par, don’t know if I should blame it on the advertising or stubborn minded people. Last “Botswana Fashion Week. Botswana Fashion WEAK” that’s how some people saw it as. I’ll give it a NO COMMENT. Thank you.

What was the stand out moments in 2011’s local fashion scene?
Ga: Fashion Night, Miss Botswana Fashion show and Colour in the Desert Fashion Week.
Batswana ne ba kgabile, it’s good to know now that people do not rely on purchasing clothes from stores, they can wear local designer clothes
Tsh: Stand out moments? ME, WEARING A TUTU. I SHOCKED DA hell outa myself coz my style is 60% tomboyish 40 vintage… sometimes vice-versa. So a tutu, it was a 1ST. Really. It was me steeping outa my comfort zone. KOKETSO CHIEPE, KAONE KARIO 🙂  thought I looked woowza 🙂 too. GaTsh Fros, we just compliment each other. Gaone rocked a self made belt/corset kinda belt. YAYA(America’s Next Top Model) WAS SHOCKED. WE PROMISE. OHH AND THE VH1 GLAM GOD, INDASHIO. It was a special night for US and for the Colour in the Desert I got another compliment from Kaone Kario, my green cassette neck piece..ohh A.T.I HAVE HAD MOMENTS too. AND rapper K-BOS’ Chinese outfits for MISS BOTSWANA fashion show.

What were the low lights of the same scene in 2011?
Ga: Turn out at Bots Fashion Week was disappointing the first night of the show, and people did not put much effort into their outfits. The vibe was just not what we expected. But I’m sure they will up their game next time.
Tsh: LOW LIGHT? Everyone playing it “regular” or “safe” or and the low lights 🙂

What about performing artists, which ones need help and which ones are doing it right.
Ga: Ba ba sharp; Internationally: Lady Gaga, her music allows her to the crazy things she does, Kanye West, CB etc
Locally: Touch, ATI, Shanti Lo etc…
Not; Locally, baba ikitseng ba nna ba apere jeans and T-shirts all the time, its time for a change please.

Tsh: DOING IT RIGHT: first and foremost, K-Bos, Juju boy, A.T.I, Touch, Ozi-F Teddy. Doing it wrong; Am sorry… Slizer… and y’all “BITISTS/copy cats” Go to your rooms, think and SET YOUR OWN TRENDS. Re lapile.

So you are Fashionistas of the month (October) on http://www.the4acesdate.com what is that all about?
Ga: We’ve been following the blog for some time and from there they asked to feature us on their blog as fashionistas of the week sometime in October, before we knew it we were competing with some other fashionistas/ bloggers from abroad for the fashionista of the month spot. People had to vote for their favourite fashionistas and GaTsh Fros got the most votes. To all those who took the time to vote for us, thank you. All we had to do was speak the universal fashion language.

Tsh: 4aces are American based fashionistas, stylists, Bloggers. They loved what they saw, contacted us for an interview, next thing we were fashionistas of the week and now we off to competing for Fashionistas of the Month (October) and oh yaa we the only Africans 😉 so please vote for us. Thank you fashion nerds. Bless. www.the4acesdate.com

What is the next fashion eruption out of your creative volcano?
Ga: All you have to do is keep your eyes glued to our FB page and blog spot. Fashion will never be the same in Bots once we get to where we want to be.
Tsh: Hehe… watch this space… NO REALLY. watch.this.space… if you don’t see anything a year from now. BLAME IT ON GLOBAL WARMING… and while you are at it, show love still. Mix and Miss.

What is your favourite fashion sin, one you repeat again and again?
Ga: Prints, I seem to always choose bold printed clothes that plain ones and I’ll forever love high wait pants and skirts I’ll repeat this sin till I grow a big belly.

Tsh: SOME might think it’s a fashion sin but I mix and miss deliberately all the time. Am a “vintage ho 🙂 ”. May rock clashing prints from head to toe, big man shirts, big padded blouses, loose big vintage clothing, oversized blazers, that’s me. Go loose and big or go home. I feed off it.

What was your top international fashion moment last month?
Tsh: Top of my mind now… International fashion top moment? Kanye West’s ladies fashion line for his late mom, DW. *fashionistas group hug*

What was your take on Africa Fashion Week 2011 in 5 words?
Ga: Timeless fashion, intriguing, inspiring,
So far it’s only two of you, any plans to recruit any more “GaTshians”?
Ga: Ga+Tsh=GaTsh. PERIOD

Tsh: Never say never… BUT for now GaTsh is GAONE AND TSHOLO.3rd party… umm…You know what they say about 3rd parties.

Last word… how would you add GaTsh to your head of state?
Ga: Think he should try new suit designs, a new approach to fashion. He still looks good for his age, and personal stylists like GaTsh Fros would help him turn many heads. The afro suits him, but it still makes one wonder how he would look if he had shorter hair 🙂

Tsh: Yeesss!!!.. colour, fitted tailoring, a clean cut 🙂 THATS HOW I’D GATSH HIM UP 🙂 ANYWAYZ, Be a fashion nerd, mix and miss, it’s your choice, really. Anti-rules SHOULD be the title of your life story and the best way to a fulfilling life. GaTsh it.

The Juice is Loose

25 Oct

Go tsamaya ke go bonwa – To travel is to be seen.

So I perverted a Setswana saying a little but it is highly appropriate as I just caught a glimpse of a face familiar to Botswana’s currently meagre catwalks. Juice Tsile is an above average height mami from Banadleng, she was originally discovered by Mpho Laing. Anyone recall those models dressed in black holding Orange internet ready devices…? Actually that idea is still being used by Orange every now and again. That was probably the first time Juice was seen by the main stream. Well time has marched on and Juice is obviously squeezing everything she can out of the slim pickings that currently pass for catwalk shows in Botswana. On that note lets watch this space and lets see who comes back for more next year between Gabs Fashion Night 2, Colour in the Desert Fashion Week 2, Botswana Fashion Week 1,5 and who knows what else will rise fashionably from the chaos. Anyway Juice was a staple at all of those shows so that sets our girl apart from the chaff… as it were.

A weekend on the Africa Fashion Week catwalks is just what any model needs to get really going… how else are you going to be seen in the biggest media pool in our region? What about the Internet you say…? I say this is Africa my friendo, and nothing beats getting you out there than word of mouth. Juice has certainly got my mouth (well fingers in this case) working about her strut at AFW working out the Tanzanian designer Mustafa Hassanali’s garments. Mustafa was doing AFW Beeg with his Uhuru Collection… Tanzania is 50 years old don’t cha ya know. This high profile strut should give our girl that push to really get  her out there, can you say Swahili Fashion Week anyone? Though it isn’t confirmed to my ears yet, I wouldn’t be surprised to find Juice making beautiful for Mustafa all the way in Zanzibar later this year.

So lets see… we will have Kaone… Juice… and err who else again strutting the flag high?

Pics – Simon Deiner/SDR Photo

Fashionably Busy in Angola

11 Oct

“Thank You very much for the questions and I have to rush preparing for Angola.” Was the next to last line in Mpho Kuaho’s reply to some questions I had sent her about Fashion in Botswana (Check it in next post)… so what is this “Angola” she is rushing to then? Well… do you have a cushion? Place the cushion under your jaw now. What I am about to tell you, if you can imagine the future fearlessly, will simply blow your mind, or just drop your jaw.

Angola Fashion Business is huge, and when I say huge I mean beeg. This is a fashion industry event backed by beeg guns, Angola’s equivalent to Botswana’s Ministry of Minerals Energy & Water Resources…more or less. However, just to be precise the originator of the fashion industry event is Angola’s Ministry of Geology, Mining and Industry. Forget diamonds, dodgy copper & nickel reserves and barely scratched coal reserves, that ministry is responsible for oil reserves… just for starters. The other huge sponsor is Sonangol the oil company… like I said Beeg. So anyway no one there will be tramping about in gum boots and hard hats, its all going to be about strappy heels, chic fabrics and every conceivable aspect of beauty. Since Angola can be a bit pricey, especially to us who don’t earn in US Dollars, there is something else to get into… knowledge. At Angola Fashion Business there will be workshops ranging across all the various spheres that make up the fashion galaxy.

Come to think of it… this idea is languishing locally due to a general misunderstanding of the particular industry both at consumer and corporate level. And I kid you not, it could actually fly, especially if the ugly bits are trimmed out and only the beautiful core is kept on the table. The owners of the idea will make money casue y’all will attend in your thousands; the event itself will make beautiful because generally it is rather well though out; and the people blowing their hard earned Pulas there will be for once happy with the variety of the local consumer climate. Unfortunately I signed a piece of paper that says I can’t talk about what I know on that particular event or the owners will get upset… the modern day price of knowledge; silence. One day I will say I told you so… this will be what I was talking about.

Anyway, who will be representing in Angola? Why Mpho Kuaho of course, backed by the ever Divarish at some catwalk but impossible to find in stores Black Trash; and someone called Thato Mokgadi… don’t worry Monsieur Polk is on the case to find out more as well. Africa Fashion Week favourite Ethiopia’s Anna Getaneh of African Mosaique will be in the house; as will the usual vanguard of South Africa’s fashion, Mzanzi fashion flamingos David Tlale,  Kluk CGDT and new Flamingo on the fashion lake Gert-Johan Coetzee (Claim to shame – once dressed a Kardashian… but he is a lot more talented than that, just ask the Bedazzler herself Bonang Matheba). Thanks firstly to the first Africa Fashion Week (and more recently Colour in The Desert) we now know Soucha personally, even if many of us first realised Egypt was literally part of Africa when that country joined the Oust-a-Kleptocrat/Dictator Movement. The home team will feature Dina Simao, Carla Silva, Avelino Nascimento, Elisabete Santos, Lucrecia Moreira… I should stop your eyes are crossing just trying to figure out where you might have heard of them all… Dont worry I’ll ask for you.

Anyway more than 40 designers from over 20 African countries will help fill 6000 square meters with fashionability at the second annual Angola Fashion Business 2011, 14 -16 October. If you have friends in Angola tell them to send you a Revista Chocolate when it’s out, Joana the editor of Chocolate spent a part of September in the Okavango and she had a ball… so maybe the Colour in the Desert ambassadors will make the cut. 😉