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We are all Nigerian

1 Sep

So Afro Soul and Urban Space have combined to form a very afrocentric  and fashionable voltron to take on the mainly uninspiering Gaborone boutique scene. Last week Thursday (25th August) Motlalekhumo, as Mpho Laing is known in Lagos (Nigeria) and her business partner Noelene Farr (Urban Space) had a little soiree to open a boutique called Afro Soul that would feature Ankara fashion sourced from Nigeria.

It’s not every day that the Gabs City massive gets to sample some fashion from another African country when the fakes from western labels are doing so well locally even in the closets of fancy addresses… such is the power of the beeg fashion brands of the world. Luckily for Gabs city slickers, who have fashionable intentions but lack the will to fulfil them, Mpho and Noleene have come together to offer local fashion palates fashion fufu from West Africa. The bold African prints, called Ankara just yelled CELEBRATION, even in that Cool and the Gang way. Again the guys didn’t get something in the mix, but thats OK, the guys do tend to need a woman’s touch to lead the way in the fashion jungle. So dudes, your Ankara moment will come… but while you wait.

Apparently the idea blossomed from an occasion when Noelene received a killer West African dress (pink dress on far right) as a gift from Mpho (wearing bleu dress). Noelene loved the dress so much she suggested they bring the fashion to Botswana… hopefully the rest will be history.

I am sure by now you have figured out that this Ankara is not in Turkey… 😉 So what is Ankara then…? Take a hit right here, funky as hell actually. I am already all about the African cloth (that would be me at the J&B Met 2011) plus anything that 150 million people are into can’t be wrongo. The material is available locally but you would probably have to call a Naija friendo to find out where they get their Ankara backed fashion fix in Gabs. We are all Nigerian now, just like Fela said in Viva Nigeria off of Koola Lobitos (1964-1968) – The ’69 Los Angeles Sessions album.

Keep an eye out for regular updates of the inventory at Afro Soul, the little boutique at Urban Space, do come check out (AND BUY) some Ankara nom-noms… oh yes, and some Sir Lankan scarves that feature pearls in the design… SERIAS!

Thank you @8ties_baby for the shots.