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Generation H

19 Sep


Health is a fickle thing. Whether you have it or not… You will still miss it badly once its gone. But that is the future… What about now?

Let the Monsieur tell you about now.

Regardless of where you pay your tax, there is a whole squad ready to assist you in some way to become healthy or maintain a good standard of health. Gyms, health clubs, nutritionists, social media, alcohol levy, photos of you when you were younger and sexier, health food shops, health freak friends and so on. That is now. So what is your excuse for not being a little bit healthier?

Though the Monsieur knows many things, that answer he can not help you with.

What could help you though is this… A sneakily sexy little enterprise called Health Generation. The two year old purveyors of healthy nibbles and sips is staffed by a young and motivated team, like a kat called Epe who gives the most amazing customer service; or Uyapo who handles marketing and all that… Anyway Health Generation is the now, a tasty way to get at least one part of the health thing right.

Enough plugging…lets get to the fun bit shall we…?

Over the weekend the Monsieur insinuated himself quite casually into a little urban rooftop pool side situation. The freshly completed second I-Towers block in  Gab’s New CBD completed a three sided cosy feel to the training pool. Perhaps Jack of the gyms could have been better advised here… cafe by day, cocktail bar by night – no sign of sweaty and toning bodies anywhere past the first floor. Hey, money talks, you got to pay to play – that’s what Jack did so for now the training pool remains a training pool.

Anyway… Monsieur was just grateful not to be ejected from Health Generation’s launch of their new website. The up-in-the-sky pool side picnic featured a welcome amuse bouche of fresh fruit skewers and ice lollies. #Fresh. The stars of the afternoon were the range of juices and smoothies that were made in front of our eyes. #Fresh. Featuring firm favourites like Citrus Quench to more acquired taste variations like Nutty Professor, the healthy drinks kept on coming.  The highlight of the day was actually the salads that each guest got to order as part of their RSVP… yep #Fresh. Using up to 8 different ingredients everyone got a jam jar crammed with healthy self made yumminition.

Hey – like blogging, social media and today’s life, we all want it our way – and for an afternoon everyone could have it just how they wanted it from Health Generation. #OnMyOwn was the Hash Tag de Jour, meaning you got to have it your own way, the salads the smoothies and a damn good time.

Spotted poolside were the social media Princelings and Princessas of Gaborone, with a healthy sprinkling of soon to be’s. Roll calling would be so analogue – if you don’t know who they are, they probably don’t know who you are.

*Sips that oh so dope Citrus Quench – ehem… with a secret dash of Tanqueray.

The Fox without a tail

26 Jan


Catchy title no…? Briefly it was going to be Random Acts of Idiocy…  Anyway this is quite the wrong chord to strike as the Monsieur gets back into chiming with the WaWaWa, however strong emotional reactions are the Monsieur’s stock in trade. It goes without saying that a flesh and bone being is behind these musings. They are posted with the hope that they bring as much pleasure to reader as they do to the writer. It’s never with a malicious twinkle in the eye that anything happens with the Monsieur’s touch. However most of us know that serious imperfection of after all being man… it runs deep and sometimes gets the better of us despite our purest intentions.


Whole movie story lines are based on this condition, from Fantastic Mr Fox in Wes Anderson’s beautiful rendition of a Roald Dahl book, to Brown Sugar an ‘urban love story’ (love this description), schmaltz like Casanova (Rip Heath Ledger) these films tend to point out how human it is to err, even if that isn’t their focus. For an hour and change we can walk in someone else’s shoes all the while possibly missing the reflection of our selves… perhaps because it is a stop motion fox that goes too far trying to do good for family. The beauty and the sadness in the reality is that we have all been there whether we realised it or not.


On multiple occasions the Monsieur meandered into monumentally impossible corners. Who knows you might have been introduced to a girl your best friend fancied and in trying to create a good impression (for his sake) she ends up gravitating to you and not your best friend. What began as a well-intention random act of something ended up being a random act of idiocy, sometimes with very real repercussions indeed. However this isn’t why you come here, to read about the ever unfolding human drama of being human.  If there is a lesson to be learnt in this rather cryptic kick-off of another spate of weird and wonderful blogging…  let’s try this – it’s never really about us, as we find out in the long run. However, never forgo an opportunity to make the necessary amends for your part in being human.


Maybe what the Monsieur needs to do is more of this and less random acts of idiocy. After all we are adults and we should know… and do better.


Here is a motivation to help you aim for your own personal happiness… www.100happydays.com (Thank you @iamchelle)

And another motivation to help you be more comfortable with being human, slightly www.waitbutwhy.com (Thank you @missmillieB)

One more motivation to help you share how you could possibly avoid random acts of idiocy – www.somewhere.com  (Thank you @kojobaffoe)


Image – Kevin Wagner Design

Gareth Cliff – A Dry White

20 Apr

Gareth talking at gabs food and wine show 2012

The first time Gareth Cliff makes an entrance into the Monsieur’s sphere of existence was when he was getting a live beating on Twitter for daring to call a spade a spade. Thing is he was already notorious, infamous and yes, quite famous too for that trait. On this particular occasion the spade in question was South Africa’s then recently deceased Minster of Health, Mantho Tshabalala-Msimang. Honestly I laughed, god rest her soul, but sparking a ‘twar’ that drew a nice fat line in the Twitter sand box neatly separating black from white South Africans was already old. It was more fun to look at the issues being fired back and forth at 140 characters a second.

The main thing I gleaned from the resultant radio interviews, blog posts and newspaper articles was that this Gareth Cliff dude was one tough lekgoa yo. Sure we Africans don’t like to speak ill of the dead, however the Cliff had a point… he could have introduced it better. Anyway that was when Cliff first reared his blond head into my sights.

Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, what comes to mind today when you hear that name?

She was a minister in dereliction of her duties for the duration of her time in cabinet. Millions died needlessly because of her resistance to anti-retroviral drugs and the academic debate about the link between HIV and AIDS which was nothing short of pseudo-science.

Do you still get a side eye from some people for your opinions about Tshabalala-Msimang?

Many would agree with me.

What did people miss when you were trying to make your point about the minister?

There’s this idea that the dead must be respected regardless of their deeds.

Do you think before you tweet?

Yes, mostly. Like all humans, we are prone to say things without thinking from time to time. Twitter is no different.

Gareth on decks at gabs food and wine show 2012

Well, there it is, a perfectly rational dude, and though the Monsieur doesn’t listen to 5FM much, I liked him already… I mean, I do follow him on Twitter. Anyway, there is more to Gareth Cliff than my first time paying attention to him. Many people in Botswana may know him mainly from the very popular Dstv reality show, Idols. Several more people that like nice things will now recognise him from gracing the inaugural Gaborone Food and Wine Show at Airport Junction (Gabs) in November 2012.

Briefly, the 35 year old Cliff’s FB page says, ”Gareth Cliff is a tall, blue-eyed man from Pretoria, the capital city South Africa. His ancestors oppressed many people over their 300-400 year tenure in Africa. Gareth intends to remedy this with a terrific radio show.” I can’t argue with that, if it were up to the Monsieur to forgive him for something his ancestors did, that Mantotweet episode was payment enough. 35 years old and pulling serious numbers on his 6AM to 9AM radio show on 5FM is Cliff’s current calling. We meandered a bit through his career.

When did the radio bug first bite?

Oh I think I’ve always loved radio. I used to listen to morning shows on the way to school and I loved the idea of storytelling, of painting pictures with words. It’s magic.

At what point did you feel that you had found your thing?

I don’t know… I like entertaining people, having conversations.

What is about radio that brings you back every day?

It’s unpredictable, exciting, real.

If you were ever to leave the world of broadcasting, what would you do?

Make sandwiches.

Who was your radio hero, the person the inspired you to go into broadcasting?

I don’t really have a role-model, but I do look up to John Berks. I always loved the way he sounded, the way he was so comfortable behind the mic.

John Berks…? I don’t know… the Monsieur rather hoped he would say DJ Fresh, I mean… tattoos, a twisted sense of humour and more compilations released then there are haters at an R Kelly concert… winning!

How aware are people that DJ Fresh is from Botswana, and do they really care?

I think a lot of people do, but Botswana isn’t that far away or that different. I think we feel like we’re in the same family. The fact that SeTswana is such a widespread and important language here in SA makes the ties even closer.

But you see now, a hint at how clued up Cliff is about his country. Being on radio is not actually as easy as the best broadcasters make it sound. One of the questions I asked Cliff was simply…

Is the “New South Africa” ready to just be South Africa yet? 

Ha ha ha. I’m glad you asked that. We could learn a lot from Botswana about moving forward.

Don’t let that modest and democratic answer fool you, Gareth is very vocal about what he expects from his government. Radio isn’t his only weapon of choice, he writes too… open letters, blogs, books, and my personal favourite – the tweets.

Gareth at gabs food and wine show 2012

I deliberately didn’t ask about the book, I think it’s painful to get a person to big up their written work, rather go buy it and make up your own mind. The book is called ‘Gareth Cliff on Everything’ its 240 pages of opinion, basically pure unadulterated Cliff in page form. There is hardly anything he doesn’t have an opinion on, believe me the Monsieur tried to ask all manner of things…

In your opinion why is Idols relevant to the entertainment industry?

I don’t know. It’s just a good TV show. Let’s not get carried away.

If you were ever going to be the subject of a Roast, who would you least like to have roast you?

I haven’t thought about it. I don’t think I’d do a roast.

What is the secret to a long successful career in radio broadcasting?

I don’t know. I haven’t been there long enough to start speaking of durability or success. Ask me in another ten years.

What do you think was Riaan Cruywagen’s secret to looking exactly the same for the whole time he has been on tv?

I heard he is a vampire.

For the many of us that do not know of the undead looking legend of SABC TV called Riaan Cruywagen. He is that funny corpse that was wise cracking with Sipho Hotstix Mabuse at the SAMAs in 2012. Speaking of which Randal Abrahams did the wise thing and returned the awards to Sun City just down the road from Gabs City… but anyway, one last question.

If you were a wine, which one would you be?

A dry white.

Gareth Cliff: on air personality, all round good guy, quick draw tongue-slinger. Yes, well one sip out of the Manto shaped glass and the Monsieur was hooked.

*An abridged and quite different version of this article was first published in Lapologa Magazine

Photos – Lapologa Magazine (Taken at Gaborone Food & Wine Show)

Looking Good Good-Looking

27 Nov

For a little while now the Monsieur has been tinkering with the idea of putting up some moving picture visual delights. Its an old idea, Vlog anyone, but its getting super love from the likes of Skattie What Are you Wearing who is doing some seriously sexy stuff with it. That’s all the gushing Skattie gets today. Starting with edited promos from fine people at WKNDSocial, Exhibit B and Soweto Don Dadas of Cool Thesis Social Jam Session, video is the way to go, even if its just to pimp your next bit of amazing.

Aaaaannnd this one right here gets special mention all on its own… Constructus, not of Cape Town Glitch Pop fame, but still Cape Town based. This little item will make any wanna go big creative person sell their neighbour’s mother to get on this. OK, its a bit of a late mention but, how badly do you want it, and how serious are you… Yes well…

Stop drooling and click right here and get cracking on your oh so wow idea for making money while making beautiful.


Ummm… first time I am doing this but… we must rep the local even if its… well… in development… sort of.

Blu Muffin’s effort.

That what I’m Talkin’ about

4 Jan

This video is a bit funny… at first… then it got quite hilarious, totally so. Hitler annoyed that he couldn’t get a free All Kasi T shirt? How totally absurd. However there it is, that ability to laugh at ourselves that is so missing even though BaTswana are a notoriously self depreciating nation.

What is even more absurd is the soap opera called All Kasi which inspired the Hitler rant. Frankly this company should be making millions… but it isn’t. The company has a long list of achievements… but an even longer list of missed opportunities. From the outside looking in it is often puzzling the things the company gets up to… actually its best to say no more, even friendly advice draws poison looks from one of the owners.

Thankfully a charitable spirit prevailed over business nous and we may be able to watch the Zebras on Btv in their new and improved colonial era art deco Zebra pattern team strip. We will have to wait for the final verdict after the AFCON 2012 fun and goals.

Belly of some beast

5 Dec

Now it has been a bit silly since the last time you were dazzled by her royal Chikazunganess, and in world wide web world two hours is a good as two days. Since the Polk takes great pains not to be whipped (too much) by anyone or anything he sometimes take a while to let you know whats what and why its what. This shouldn’t stop you telling him you miss his look at Botswana and the world… actually get on the comments section and bloody well demand a new post up on the blog. Its a living breathing thing (breathing metaphorically speaking, we all saw Terminator and don’t really want the WWW to come alive… it would be cool but it wont be pretty.)

So while I was gone this is what caught my eye… more on it all as we go along. The world can be a total beast with the sheer amount of jaw dropping this and that or the eye popping what-whatness of this world. Frankly all 7 billion of us are in the belly of this beast somewhere somehow… just take care not to get digested and lose what makes you you. 1 in 7 billion is pretty damn unique though.

Pics – 8ies baby, Mowana Media