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Is Zahara the only guitar on stage?

7 Nov

“Yeah right!! P500 just to go see zahara? Rather buy the CD again!!!” Ras Bingley
“Hahahahahahah P500.00. Its a Joke right?” Tarbo Mo

Only 7 days up on Facebook and the notice about frankly one of the most promising sounding events inspired the most random of discussions. Zahara is coming to town (not Brangelina’s adopted package) but reputedly the fastest selling South African musician since Brenda Fassie.  The talk was mainly about money rather than the talent about to maintain the highly evolved entertainment standards of a city that once hosted Maxi Priest like he was from fela mo rounding, or Shabba Ranks like he was a one hit wonder on RB1 and just happened to be included on some random line up. Things have moved on since those dark days. Botswanacraft has just shown what is possible with their Mascom branded intimate music affairs. Intimate because the pricing structure worked to the advantage of a quality crowd in a venue that is incapable of being stupid full.

“Must ke momaganye waitse, ke tla paka metsi.” Jonathan Tha Bang
“Haibo 500 hundred ey thts a lot ba2ng..garena go ja nama ya koko le rice ka chrismas madi a tlabo a feletse ko go Zahara.” Refilwe Keseiame
“I’ll be there looking as hot as ever !! How much is the ticket so we can put it mo di Budgets??” Lesego Bile

Botswana has managed to dodge many a bullet in its history, the sort of bullet dodging that helps a part of the nation feel entitled since it really hasn’t had to struggle for much. Even if we restricted the struggle to important things only like, education, health, water from a tap, at least 2 cell phones… it really was all no sweat when compared to any of the countries we share a border with… Zambia too. But judging by the minority in the Zahara concert comments on Facebook, some people don’t buy into the entitlement and they have understood that they may need to change to suit the situation.

“I miss it by 3 days 😦 Would definitely have attended. Line up is TIGHT! Ka live band! It’s worth more than 5. Big up for rolling with the blows :-)” Keitumetse Mpotokwane
“Is this 4real..? I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Bonnie Patiience Otlaadisang
“I’ll be there, especially for local acts, Eugene really impressed last week, nna ene ele lwa ntlha ke mmona! BIG UP TO YOU MR JACKSON!!” Boitumelo Maswabi

We can also speculate till next year about the other people who have said nothing, but have indicated that they are coming, 815 people at this point. 815 translates to 315 more people that the organisers are targeting according to one of their comments much earlier in the debate stream… err so y’all need to buy now is what I understand; entitled or not.

What about the actual acts that will be performing on the same stage as Zahara…? Shanti Lo with Anna Christoffersson and some of the backing band that they performed with in Sweden in August this year, Woman of Jazz and Eugene Jackson. Actually, the other groups don’t come for free and you can bet every one is bringing their A Game. After all is said and done, the concert is bound to be well attended and if we are still overly concerned about money… last word on that is quite simply, “The price is determined by a lot of factors and i cant change on that and truth is the show is only for 500 people out of 2 million come on we will be sold out by end of week.” Fish Pabalinga

OK, there is another last word… not quite sure where it fits in the discussion, but this is Botswana so, “Ba bangwe ba claima fela ka ‘I’ll be there’. We know them, they can’t afford rent let alone water bill. so stop misleading ppl le re u r goin.” Tebzz Mothokho. This last one makes me wonder if this is what the DIS is really for… designed to find out who is only “claiming”… if there a list of claimers available somewhere please share it with us too, Mr Tebzz Mothokho.