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Yes a hundred times Yes

11 Feb

Andre Kertesz

Yeah man, I was like what? Nah! Come on son! And please… don’t be alarmed, some things do bring out the gansta in the Monsieur. This reaction was because of a film that happened to have a part where some woman was reading the dying throes of Ulysses, the book by James Joyce. The author was allegedly experimenting with long sentences; minimal punctuation; or just plain fucking with us. I wouldn’t know I never read the entire book. I just hunted for that particular paragraph. Apparently there is a particular part in the narrative where a girl is professing love for a dude. It has a gang of Yeses marching along the page one after the other, strewn like confetti, punctuation, exclamations, verbs, adjectives and other kinds of amazing like that.

The way I heard it read in the film was all in a rush, like the emotion couldn’t wait to get the hell out there into the young man’s ears and thus his heart.  Really! I mean really, wouldn’t a passionate kiss have done a better job…? #imjustsayin yo. No, so anyway it is what it is, and the Monsieur being who he is the question was, what is it exactly this author was trying to pull here? I set out to confirm to myself that there was something shady going on here, a discrete yet indecent fondling at least. Remember, the book wasn’t written in a time when PDA was kosher. There was all this ceremony that was a prelude to getting your freak on, or showing a decent young lady that she was causing a major jones in your bones. So having convinced myself that there was some sly sex going on I hunted the damn book down, found it… the library is good in that way. I soon discovered that reading the book was not feasible for me. Through some random skimming I quickly lucked out and found the magic lines near the end of the book.

Boss! That damn line blew me away. I don’t know why the couple is there, it just not the Monsieur’s way to give a rat’s ass. It was like wow, forget a discrete indecent fondling, that would have been too easy. Just the girl talking made it so much more sexier. I mean if there is a man out there that doesn’t like hearing Yes, yes, yes and even more yes, he has got something wrong with him. Reading the paragraph, I saw myself there, just lying there, getting the dream answer to my unasked love question and just soaking it all in. Quite possibly the  flow of three little letter emotion with no punctuation made it non-threatening to lay back and receive. It did set off fireworks  of all kinds in my noggin, thinking about all those little secret signs that I encountered before in my life that sent me to cloud 9 ( and several times to cloud 69… naturally, this is the Monsieur) how grand yet stupid professions of love can be… actually, are. I mean it’s just the safety valve for an overflow of emotion most of the time. It’s not unusual to hear “I love you” in the throes of passion, and in my book that is usually the best time to avoid saying such incriminating things… even when you have been at the watermelon  and the drank takes over your tongue.

Back to the Yes, yes, yes’ I mentally lay there and imagined a woman saying that to me.  It was a special feeling, taken out of context, and in a very public place, the library, remember? Wonderful! Typical, these damn writers, they play with your emotions so easily… but we let them don’t we…? A real stop-it-I-like-it situation. It was nice – but the Monsieur don’t play… so there might be a different story to tell one day about all that Yes.


Image: “Carnival, Paris (woman reading behind stage),” (1926), by Andr Kertsz

Artspicious Goings on in the Main Mall

27 Sep

There is something artspicious going on in the Main Mall, it is quite simply an art gallery. But what makes is so artspicious you wanna know… well this gallery is in the Debswana building commandeering a healthy chunk of the ground floor. It is a prime space in a prime location for a prime purpose and it is all F-R-E-E of charge for the curator Karabo Radipudi. I know… I was also green with every emotion associated with the colour.

Karabo was smart enough to merge her art intentions with Debswana’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme. Its was a master stroke of note and I will tell you why. In Botswana art tends to get the cold shoulder from many local corporates because art doesn’t rank when held up against a press picture of, lets say, “AIDS Orphans” receiving branded t-shirts and a newly painted playground.

Karabo is sitting on ground zero for a huge opportunity for credible artists that need their work noticed, even if its only because the art is mounted on a heavy weight corporation’s walls. The other benefit is that for the time being, because it costs her nothing to look after the space, it will cost artists nothing to show there and sell their work from the space.

Incidentally the gallery is called Healing Art Gallery. Karabo says that is the ultimate aim of the gallery, to heal. I can relate, I felt healed over there… mainly that Debswana allowed it and also because Karabo also said she wants crazy people to come do their art thing there… Excuse me while I round up the posse.

Pic – http://www.whatiftheworld.com (Athi Patra Ruga in action)

PS – Artspicious. Noun. Made up word for good fortune in an arty sort of way.

More Than Your Average Big City Spa

24 Aug

Within two hours today I recived two separate notices about happenings at Spas in Gaborone. One was a new fashion outlet, and the second an art exhibition. Well! It seems then, that spas in Gaborone are the new cool and new hip. Actually, the hood where both these spas are based is called Extention 9 (or Phologolo to the google maps savy) which is a highly sort after residential area of Gaborone with Huge garden space and Beeg houses. It does help dispell that well perpetuated myth that there is little to do in Gabs if the spas are also jumping in with lifestyle offerings. It just goes to show that life is what you make it.

So… go shopping for African design ladieswear available in size 30 to 36 from Ankara Designs at Urban Space. Ankara Designs will be officially opening at 6pm on Thursday 25th August, where you can meet the madness behind the method, Mpho Laing. She promises to send fresh Naija fashion every month for your shopping pleasure. For the launch on Thursday 25th August, you are reminded to bring BWP50.00 with you for wine and canapes.

When you are done shopping go see an exhibition at Paraiso Express Spa and Tea Garden called P ART 1 EXHIBITION – Underneath The Stars. This is, “…a selection of contemporary Artwork by three different artists by the spa’s pool side.” The art work will be, “a selection of exquiste realistic pencil drawings, stencils and mixed media on canvas. Exhibit will be up from September 3 to November 3, 2011.”
This one is free so no one has an excuse not to go.

While you are there make sure to get a mani/pedi or itsy bitsy little facial as well.