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Generation H

19 Sep


Health is a fickle thing. Whether you have it or not… You will still miss it badly once its gone. But that is the future… What about now?

Let the Monsieur tell you about now.

Regardless of where you pay your tax, there is a whole squad ready to assist you in some way to become healthy or maintain a good standard of health. Gyms, health clubs, nutritionists, social media, alcohol levy, photos of you when you were younger and sexier, health food shops, health freak friends and so on. That is now. So what is your excuse for not being a little bit healthier?

Though the Monsieur knows many things, that answer he can not help you with.

What could help you though is this… A sneakily sexy little enterprise called Health Generation. The two year old purveyors of healthy nibbles and sips is staffed by a young and motivated team, like a kat called Epe who gives the most amazing customer service; or Uyapo who handles marketing and all that… Anyway Health Generation is the now, a tasty way to get at least one part of the health thing right.

Enough plugging…lets get to the fun bit shall we…?

Over the weekend the Monsieur insinuated himself quite casually into a little urban rooftop pool side situation. The freshly completed second I-Towers block in  Gab’s New CBD completed a three sided cosy feel to the training pool. Perhaps Jack of the gyms could have been better advised here… cafe by day, cocktail bar by night – no sign of sweaty and toning bodies anywhere past the first floor. Hey, money talks, you got to pay to play – that’s what Jack did so for now the training pool remains a training pool.

Anyway… Monsieur was just grateful not to be ejected from Health Generation’s launch of their new website. The up-in-the-sky pool side picnic featured a welcome amuse bouche of fresh fruit skewers and ice lollies. #Fresh. The stars of the afternoon were the range of juices and smoothies that were made in front of our eyes. #Fresh. Featuring firm favourites like Citrus Quench to more acquired taste variations like Nutty Professor, the healthy drinks kept on coming.  The highlight of the day was actually the salads that each guest got to order as part of their RSVP… yep #Fresh. Using up to 8 different ingredients everyone got a jam jar crammed with healthy self made yumminition.

Hey – like blogging, social media and today’s life, we all want it our way – and for an afternoon everyone could have it just how they wanted it from Health Generation. #OnMyOwn was the Hash Tag de Jour, meaning you got to have it your own way, the salads the smoothies and a damn good time.

Spotted poolside were the social media Princelings and Princessas of Gaborone, with a healthy sprinkling of soon to be’s. Roll calling would be so analogue – if you don’t know who they are, they probably don’t know who you are.

*Sips that oh so dope Citrus Quench – ehem… with a secret dash of Tanqueray.