Asked & Answered: Ellygiver

18 Mar

Dropping in to see the Editor of  Bang! Magazine, Tanzania’s (and East Africa’s!) soon to be 9 years old lifestyle magazine, I almost tripped and fell when I saw Elligiver. Of course no one saw this… the Monsieur does not “trip” or “fall”. Ell-Gizzy (thats my gansta name for her) was on her iPad, industriously poking and finger swiping away on the device. Actually she was updating her blog ( and checking the pulse of the glocal fashion world. I just had to request an interview for later, after taking care of business. We actually talked about a lot more, but you know… lets save that for another time, when I remind you where you first met Elligiver… if you happen to be outside of East Africa that is. I am damn sure she is doing very well in Swahili Africa. The Monsieur does know a good thing when it takes his breath away you know.  So here it is… a short, sharp and rather beautiful Asked and Answered with Elligiver. Savour it actually, and yes that was glocal, Global + Local = Glocal. Go play.


What does your name mean?

Elligiver means “God Gives”. I thank God for everything he has given me… a lot of stuff and I am happy for that.

What is your daily job?

I am a fashion editor for Bang! Magazine, I am also a blogger and a model. I also provide models for different clients. I always put everything down in a schedule. My Bang! schedule, my blog schedule, my project schedule. If I have a client who wants me to provide models I do that. My day is packed, sort of with my office work, my blog and the other one.

What is the fashion scene like in Dar es Salaam?

Nowadays its growing slowly but surely and people are getting to know what fashion is all about. And in our industry people are like Oh Yes, Now! When it comes to our designers these days they tend to be more creative when compared to back in the day.

How is Swahili Fashion week as a fashion event in Tanzania?

When we talk about Swahili Fashion Week in Tanzania we consider it a very big event. Everybody has to be there. If you are a model you have to do the catwalk there. Everybody is always there. They always give coverage of other designer from outside so it is very good for us. In Tanzania we tend to have different views about other designers when we think about fashion.

Who is putting Tanzania on the fashion map in the world?

I think we have a few of them, we have Mustafa Hasanli, we have Ally Rehmtullah and we have other designers who are coming up. We have Eve Collections (Evelyn Rugemalira) she is one of the female designers who are coming up in very trendy high fashion.

If you were to design a look for the president of Botswana to wear to dinner in Dar es Salaam what would you suggest?

I think I would go for a simple and classy look whereby he would wear a striped shirt. Because a striped shirt stands for classy and casual for men. If I describe the look I would say simple and classy.

2 Responses to “Asked & Answered: Ellygiver”

  1. blog animaux April 8, 2013 at 11:17 am #

    Bonjour! Juste pour te dire que je trouve ton blog vraiment sympa. Les artciles sont rédigés avec bcp de soins et sont la pluspart du temps très pertinents.. j’aimerais bien avoir la même inspiration 🙂 J’édite moi aussi un blog .. a bientôt, Julie

  2. Slevin April 16, 2013 at 5:08 pm #

    Encore un super article! Je lis de plus en plus les articles de ton blog… ils sont top! bravo et bonne continuation. Slevin

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