Chicken Gate

8 Jan


There really needs not be an introduction… Start at the top and go down or start at the bottom and come up.

KgopediAfrika 11:38pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Mom apologised for Dad’s behaviour & tells me she doesn’t hate black people. Chair says she’ll brief security tomorrow #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 11:35pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Chair tells me this is a 1st in this complex. “We’ve never had to deal with a situation like this before”. #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 11:32pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Conclusion: chair is going to put my suggestion on trial. Dad stormed out of mtg, saying something about govt. #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 11:26pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

The chair wasn’t too happy. Trustees had stopped shaking heads & squinting at this stage. Mom accused me of being difficult. #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 11:24pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

In any case, the security oke on duty on the day of the ‘killing’ becomes the automatic beneficiary of the head #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 11:22pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

My idea: I will alert the security guard when I drive in with my beast/s. He can then alert ALL neighbours/viewers #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 11:19pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

In the name of not wanting to start things I cannot see through & be accused of inconsistency+intolerance I made a suggestion #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 11:17pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I refused. It’s inconvenient. Chair asked we exchange numbers with the mom & next time I slaughter I give her a heads up. #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 11:14pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

After much ado about nothing Dad came back looking more vexed than when he left. Chair suggested I change my ‘killing spot’ #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 11:10pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I explained this was going to be difficult as I ‘kill’ as I crave. Also had to explain I don’t do routine killings #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 11:08pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

“Atleast just tell me so I tell my son not to look or maybe take him to my cousin’s house on the days you slaughter” Mom #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 11:05pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

“I understand there’s no law against your ‘practice’ but please can you warn us when you’re going to kill the chickens” mom #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 11:04pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Mom said she spoke to other neighbours who were also concerned & approached caretaker who told them there’s nothing he can do #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 11:01pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Dad went out with son. Chair asked mom to table her concerns. Mom asked me to be considerate. She went on to explain… #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 10:58pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

It is of pivotal importance that I let you know: of the 12 people present at the mtg. 4 are black(self +1) incl. #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 10:56pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Son stuggled to sleep for ‘a while’ after ‘witnessing’ this. The hole in the ground with blood became an issue all on its own. #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 10:52pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

“Then she picked up the its head from the ground & went in her house” son. He started crying again si dad asked him to stop #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 10:50pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

“The lady then closed the hole in the ground with soil where she put the blood” son. At this point faces are contorting #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 10:48pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Mom held his hand while he shared details of how he saw me hold the headless chicken upside down with blood dripping from it #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 10:46pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

After much ado about nothing & them reminding me of options ie NOT slaughtering, the boy was then asked to share what he saw #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 10:43pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I was then asked to ‘share’ why I ‘observe this practice’. I did! It was brief. “I slaughter them because I need to eat them” #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 10:40pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

After brief intro’s the ‘purpose of the mtg’ was explained. It was quickly pointed out there’s NO rule against slaughtering #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 10:33pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

All parties attended. Trustees, chair, complainant(mom to son), son, dad who doesn’t live with them & your’s truly+1 . #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 10:30pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I just came out of a mtg called by body corp because I slaughter chickens in the complex & a neighbour’s son is traumatized. #ChickenGate


KgopediAfrika 10:11pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

#ChickenGate mtg out. Quickly hugging complainants. Will update just now.


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