It is what it is what it isn’t

8 Nov

6 million ways to lie. Choose one.

In a quest to bring out the best from the net and beyond, the Polk was looking at the internet today and really felt that this online thing is really promising something it has no intention of delivering. Admittedly if you are about to show your face online you can’t half step (as they say in Hip-hop) you basically drop bombs. Avatars (Avi) is what I am talking about, these things are like your calling card. This Guy (thank you Trevor Gumbi) long saw the mind field that trying to look good in a 2 centimetre by 2 centimetre box eventually turns out to be. A simple avi that is timeless and at time pointless, but alluring all the same does the job best. Its in fashion one day and out the next, but guess what, it comes right back. Hell Justin Timbersnake can bring sexy back all he wants, it never left my Avi and that’s what’s up.


Now, this morning my girl @LeratoTJ put up a post about being shocked by some person’s Avi and blocked him with the quickness. Now there is nothing more enticing then  such an extreme reaction on Twirrah. So basically a gang of people immediately clicked on the offending person’s handle and the shock gained in popularity or, like in the Polk’s case, hilarity ensued caused by human silliness. The Avi of the chump was quite literally his junk… glistening with a full bush, leaning distinctly to the right. Yeah, sadly the Polk got a eye-full too… and it was a foregone conclusion, that kind Avi will never ever be in fashion, even if it was a healthy size and didn’t look like it was just used. Just goes to show out here on the wild wild net it is what it is, yet it isn’t.

Say what you are thinking.

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