We came, we saw, we sipped

5 Nov


This is totally the wrong image for this reminiscence, but you know what, this is Botswana , we are highly adept at making things our own… or as I like to say ‘Localising an International Brand.’ But it wouldn’t be strictly fair to say that this is the first food and drink festival because Botswanacraft have one annually, Letlafula actually. Be that as it may this is the start of something nca yo.

As a first outing it was slightly disjointed, but in a comfortable way. The Airport Junction car park as a location is interesting, and if the astroturf guys had come through and laid out the green carpet all over the place it would have been outstanding. Highlights included the Glendiffich whiskey corner, that totally made my day, obviously there was no tasting there but abject enjoying.

And so to the limitations… the weather was one. Admittedly you can’t do anything about perfectly clear skies that would look great in photographs, not in real life Botswana pre-summer heat. But in Bots if we want to enjoy something we are soldiers… and the organisers had plenty of water and shade available.

The range of goodies available in the rustic setting, with bales of hay and all, was workable, it just needed a bit more of those amazing small producers we tend to see at out of the way places like the No1 Ladies Opera House in Kgale somewhere. Actually there is a near perfect place for an engagement like this. Bonnington’s Farm at the two silos near the Grand Palm Resort springs to mind. Yes its Government owned, but the Government is your friend. If you can prove that you will be contributing to making people love living in Gabs then you are winning. One time.

I for one will be going again next time… the entertainment, lets not forget the entertainment Oneal was right, Dzzious was gently insane, Gareth played mixed tapes, it was stimulating. Now… Glenfiddich better stage a return… and this time use ice that doesn’t fog-up the Irish nectar.

Nice one Tshepo and Team… you know the Polk has standards he doesn’t explain. So believe it when he says you are winning.

Shout out to Lapologa Mag for hooking me up… Yeah I hate me too.

One Response to “We came, we saw, we sipped”

  1. Ms Z. November 5, 2012 at 8:04 pm #

    “Gareth played mixtapes” *Deceased* :”D

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