The things we love we love to death

5 Nov


There is a mag I have never bought a copy of called Complex. It is available in places where people read for pleasure, because they have the time, interest and the money, thats wussup. Thankfully Complex has a huuuuge on-line community going and its an endless source of wonder for me. I read it via twitter so I don’t loose too many hours in a day to the mag. Its gems like the MJ Thriller remixes that make it all worth it… and by “it” I mean the time I invest in checking out one or two pages a week.

So there it is, a killer puff and pass. Thriller was one of the King of Pop’s most interesting music videos, and frankly one I couldn’t watch until I was at least 17 because it scared the shiznit out of me. Some of the remixes are just interesting in that its not what I expect music to do, others are wrongo totally, and yeah, there are one or two that I am sure casue some moonwalking in a heavily guarded grave somewhere.

Pic – Preshky

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