Word: Guerrilla Grapher – Definition: Max Mogale

3 Nov

This is the Max Mogale I happily stumbled upon one day on the Facebook. One of the happiest memories of my photography life. Sometimes its just best to let the original words do the (s)talking…


Conversation started 25 August 2009


Ewetse Khama

Fear not

Hey there Max, been looking at your booth series, killing me my African brother, straight killing me. Mare why you worry so much though? The bravery you displayed in documenting a time and space in a very tangible CPT (like who can tell its CPT?) is in my opinion historical. I have issues with that city so when someone can make it beautiful again, fuck the hat, I take my whole head off to them.

Another thing though, which may be linking back to the historical point, is that back when the Face and ID were popping for the first time, those things were like eye candy, until some peeps realized that they were mapping culture as it evolved… FYI, Max Mogale is doing it for CPT and MZANZI.


Oh…And I like that there isn’t a story to go with it. It would only piss me off. I unfortunately know exactly what I am missing, but some other person might miss the significance of having such visionaries plain chilling on your shoots. Mmmaphuti, Check, Yangiswa Check, and all those other types I fraternized with for years but never got to meet… it was something to do with ruining the fantasy. I didn’t want to go that far. I understand that I risked missing out on meeting fuckin brilliant personalities, but that’s the shit thing about the Cape… the fantasy’s are often stronger at times.

Hey man, from me to you, you put the hot shit in hot shit.

PS: Tell anyone I wrote any of this and I will deny it and call you stalker!


25 August 2009


Max Mogale


Thanks for that man. I’ve been looking at this message all day trying to decipher exactly what you are saying but the general vibe I get is a positive one. And I thank you for that. Im all bout the positive thing, tryna make it as a young black photographer in this game. Ive lived in CPT for a while and Ive always had my reservations about it, but its getting better. The people are awesome(as youve seen) and Im thankful that I have an oppurtunity to take a piece of their soul

Youre right, I am a bit sensitive bout my work because every shoot I do is one from the head and heart and I pretty much wing it when I get to it. Its always great to see it come out the way its intended. I thank you once again for your kind words


All pictures by Max Mogale

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