Dont Touch me on my Pitsane

1 Nov

First off… remember this —> Touch me on My Studio I do, I wrote it. And I meant it. Guess what…? They listened.

So all the I-told-you-so’s aside… What was supposed to be a private discussion between two consenting adults over a cellphone chat became public knowledge through an allegedly disgruntled third party.  Fair enough, there are lots of websites just dedicated to venting in that way, be it against a boss you don’t like, rubbish service from fancy retailers, or a girlfriend you can’t get over. Fair enough… we have seen it all. What made this particular intrusion viral gold was the stature of the man, the age of the girl and finally the content of the messages. Apart it wont even register a tweet, but when those three elements all came together… you got Pitsane.

The saga continues… lets just hope y’all don’t go too far, well, in the context of where we live you understand. Some countries have managed to block Blackberry services, others Facebook and Twitter so remember that this country is debating “regulating” Facebook. If it comes to pass… Twitter will be next and then who knows where it will stop… this is officially thin ice.


Until then though I am bumping this while waiting for the remix.



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