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Plucked Swan

31 Oct


The film Black Swan sort of cruised into my time when I was contemplating checking out the hard drive for some illicit past time. So there is Nina, an overly pampered woman, great at her dancing and totally inept at everything else. Her single mom is sort of… nah, she IS overbearing and is actually living her life through her daughter. OK, that’s nothing, the real meat of this tail is that Nina is about to be the next star in her dancing company but is being pushed and pulled from all sides.

By all sides I mean the theatre director is totally demanding and crosses every line there is to cross. Nina’s mother sees a chance for her to relive some of her missed glory but having her daughter reach those heights. Enter Lilly, a liberated dancer from San Francisco, who gives Nina what may be her first lesbian… and quite possibly her first sexual experience… (if it actually happened) and on top of that her first proper back stabbing… Actually who knows… I am typing this as the film is playing.

Look, this film is a total trip so far, and how, like HOW does it hold together rolling deep like it does at every turn. The heavy music, the behind the scene drama of a dancing company. The impossibly thin room for error that ballet dancers must have going through what they do. Demmet! I am glad I am only a connoisseur of what I like… food, music, books, films, art, people, travel, fashion and so on. It’s a much simpler choice to make actually.

WOAH! This is much later… right near what I expect to be a happy finish (not quite like that… but close) I am kind of puffed out by this film… in a very good way… and then, Nina dies right-at-the-end… is that even still a proper ending in film making these days? I mean really! Star Wars already had sequels in the 80’s and graduated to prequels in the 90’s… come, come Black  Swan… plucked you are no different to a goose, chicken or turkey.

Going out to you, and you and you too.

30 Oct

Give Tanks one time

Been a minute. I just had to use that Hip-Hop thang to gloss over the months I have spent shying away from the inevitable… I need this blog, like nothing else. It keeps me insane, so I can do what I do… and do it right.

What do you want to know other then where I have been at…? You will actually have to ask if you really want to find out…

And while you are commenting say thank you to,,… I am sure there were more peeps that got me back into this habit… just can’t recall who they are… oh wait one more – a bit random, but true.

These are just some of the people that make every day worth being called a day.