That what I’m Talkin’ about

4 Jan

This video is a bit funny… at first… then it got quite hilarious, totally so. Hitler annoyed that he couldn’t get a free All Kasi T shirt? How totally absurd. However there it is, that ability to laugh at ourselves that is so missing even though BaTswana are a notoriously self depreciating nation.

What is even more absurd is the soap opera called All Kasi which inspired the Hitler rant. Frankly this company should be making millions… but it isn’t. The company has a long list of achievements… but an even longer list of missed opportunities. From the outside looking in it is often puzzling the things the company gets up to… actually its best to say no more, even friendly advice draws poison looks from one of the owners.

Thankfully a charitable spirit prevailed over business nous and we may be able to watch the Zebras on Btv in their new and improved colonial era art deco Zebra pattern team strip. We will have to wait for the final verdict after the AFCON 2012 fun and goals.

One Response to “That what I’m Talkin’ about”

  1. aquahlekkergarla June 18, 2012 at 3:38 pm #

    hahahahahahahah that is too funny jo…yo man keep the posts coming….

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