Belly of some beast

5 Dec

Now it has been a bit silly since the last time you were dazzled by her royal Chikazunganess, and in world wide web world two hours is a good as two days. Since the Polk takes great pains not to be whipped (too much) by anyone or anything he sometimes take a while to let you know whats what and why its what. This shouldn’t stop you telling him you miss his look at Botswana and the world… actually get on the comments section and bloody well demand a new post up on the blog. Its a living breathing thing (breathing metaphorically speaking, we all saw Terminator and don’t really want the WWW to come alive… it would be cool but it wont be pretty.)

So while I was gone this is what caught my eye… more on it all as we go along. The world can be a total beast with the sheer amount of jaw dropping this and that or the eye popping what-whatness of this world. Frankly all 7 billion of us are in the belly of this beast somewhere somehow… just take care not to get digested and lose what makes you you. 1 in 7 billion is pretty damn unique though.

Pics – 8ies baby, Mowana Media

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