Asked & Answered : Michelle Ngaa Chikazunga

23 Nov

Michelle is really one of the most charming reads I have ever come across at Exclusive Books, as in that is where we first met and she began intriguing me… I call that a read. She long promised me a story or two, but due to her cautious nature I am still waiting. But I did the next best thing, I got her to answer a a few queries instead… So she is not only totally hot, she is also studying something totally unsexy, economics. So anyway when young Michelle is done with school, the catwalk’s loss will be the boardroom’s gain. I’ll wager it will become a very popular boardroom… here she is.

Right! Michelle… Pray tell… where do you come from… and are there more like you there?LOL @ “more like you there”! Have you seen my sister? I come from good stock ;)!!! I come from Zimbabwe, where HUMANS just like me, with arms and legs, roam the streets freely!!

What does your second name Ngaa mean, and were you told the story behind it? Ngaa… short for Ngaatendwe, is Shona, it means let her/he be thanked. my dad (who named all my siblings) told me that he was quite chuffed at having me come into the world and was thanking my mama and God

Enlighten us on what it is you do… besides gracing cat walks in African countries? When I’m not taking “short walks” with a full face of make up and beautiful garments in front of cameras….. I am studying hard to get my Economics degree.

Recently you were snapped at the Swahili Fashion Week how did you manage to get that opportunity? Being able to participate in Swahili Fashion Week was quite an honour for me. Think the opportunity was afforded to me and Julia mostly because of having been in Colour in the Desert Fashion Week that took place earlier this year. Mustafa Hassanali (designer and creator/founder of Swahili FW) showcased there and Jan Malan and his team were in charge of production for both shows. So with Mpho Kuaho’s blessing, Mustafa’s invitation and inclusion into the show by Jan Malan we ended up there. 🙂

Cape Town, yes we all love her, you did the jazz in high style but tell the truth about Youssou N’Dour… was he really worth the wait? Mr Youssou N’Dour…… his performance, for me, was the perfect way to end the Jazz fest. His dancers and back up singers, all in flowing white robes….I have no words. Its always great to see an artist perform live. It separates the real legends from the flukes. Think just about anyone can sound good in studio… but its takes something really special to get on stage, “vibe” with your band and transport your audience to another place. I was taken in!! The James Brown comparisons are not accidental!!!! So glad I got to be surrounded by that energy and see him perform live. I bow to his amazing talent! He is in a musical league of his own! So so worth the wait!

Which is your favourite African destination? Given the opportunity, I want to explore Nigeria sometime soon. There is something about the music and the people that is calling me…

Now back to the books, which book best represents you… and why? I read a lot… but I don’t think I’m yet to read a book that “best represents me.” If I had a gun to my head, I’d say “Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens. Is there a better story of the underdog coming out on top? Not that I’m an “underdog,” but it just speaks to me about bravery and perseverance. I just liked the book!! It spoke to me when I read it.

Which book do you wish you had written? There are so many books I wish I had written. A lot of them probably to do with the vivid pictures painted by the words. Was completely engrossed when I read “The Rice Mother” by Rani Manika because each word she used helped me see it all so clearly in my mind. Loved “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseni because of how it pulled at heart strings. Love how words paint a picture or create emotion so intense, one actually feels like the whole story is unfolding right before them.

How many books do you own? How many books do I own?? This goes out to everyone who has been treating my house like a public library….I WANT MY BOOKS BACK! I’ve lost count. My mama was a teacher, reading was just something that was done. She loved books and guess I inherited that love from her. I’d go hungry to buy books…that’s probably why I’m a little on the skinny side of things!!!

That’s enough beating about the bush, what are you really up to… cause we have noticed that there is a definite method to the madness? “Method to the madness”?? I wish!! I’m young, its a big world, would like to explore as much of it as I possibly can! I’m generally a curious person so want to do/everything at least once. I’m quite lucky because the people around me support me. The modelling thing is fun. Love the people I’ve met because of modelling and the world its opened me up to. Want to finish school. Am enjoying what I’m studying, hopefully, I’ll enjoy the work that comes with it even more.

Last shot, where would you take the number one citizen on a date, and what would y’all eat? If I had the pleasure of taking the first citizen on a date….think I’d go kick it with him at Pop Inn for “ma-fresh” . Why…. the food is cheap and good… and probably because we’d have spent money on books that we’d spend the afternoon discussing. Sounds like the perfect date already…

Photographer / SDR Photo & Rosiah Marie

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