Tea is the way Forward

22 Nov

Tea has gained a reputation that outstrips its caffeine packed colonial origins. We now have iced tea – really cold tea, Red Cappuccinos – made from Roibos tea, tea treatments at spas – rubbing tea into your face, High Teas – to show off really impractical hats, The Boston Tea Party – A toyi toyi against Taxes that went overboard and… ummm tea tree oil…? OK, O I admit I was stretching it there a little.

There is a sweet looking entrant to the tea stakes, the High Socie -Tea. The first one goes down in Jozi and is brought you by the good folks at BF Lifestyles. Let me tell you why you are going to attend this little shindig… and just because its in Jozi doesn’t quite cut it. Though the focus will be on media and lifestyle related professionals you will get to meet like minded individuals who may just be the friends you didn’t know you could have. You will get to wear those fantastic clothes you have been itching to wear at a nice day time function not another sweaty affair at the GICC. Lepang Ferguson will be hosting the event along with singer Nothende and Model/Businesswoman Precious Makgaretsa.

But you know what, yes it does rock somewhat that the shindig will be in Jozi. I mean it will be Saturday night after all and you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to what to do with your new found friends later in the evening.

Say what you are thinking.

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