4 Nov

Total groupie post alert.

As it goes with life and things, no man is an island… which just means no one is really ever alone in life. Even the worst murderer you have heard off was probably still loved by his/her mommy. So anyway although Monsieur Polk tries to be an island of original thought about the same old stuff that exists in our world, he is total whipped when it comes to possibly one of the greatest music events ever. I love a thing that gives back more than it takes, in this case the only taking is time to apply and time to attend if accepted. The Red Bull Music Academy is what I am talking about.

2003 was the year I was swept away by the music behemoth, I am still lost to the rest of world because of music, art sometimes tries to throw me a life line… with limited results. Music has me… its not like I am a musician or whatever, I am just a brilliant listener of music. I can not articulate what exactly about the RBMA makes it so life changing for the most part. I like to point out that Blackcoffee also tasted the fruits of RBMA 2003 and really grew from that point on. I think he was always going to be amazing, but that experience opened his mind to the possibilities, and now we dance the night away in abject gratitude because of it.

So Madrid is the home of the magic for the 2011 session, and really what a match made in art wet dream heaven. Spain as a country is loud, lazy, colourful, it can be hot, always in flux, has a few unruly types who knock off authority figures every now and again, they eat pig biltong (it might be thinly sliced and called parma ham… but it is still dried pig) so really whats not to love about that country… hell it even sounds like an African country… more so Madrid, home to one time soccer kingpins Real Madrid as well as seriously homewreckingly beautiful women. Anyway… the girls always make any place live worthy, but they still need something to dance to and this is where RBMA comes in…

You know what… I am all gushed out go see for yourself –> RBMA

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