Slightly North Of Bored

1 Nov

subconsciously lifting your nose skyward in deed is a sign of snobbery in certain circles… the hell with it, all circles. What is kinda sad is when the inexperience and uncertainty of youth comes to the fore dressed as snobbery. Yes we don’t actually know it all, even Monsieur Polk… and he is a gentleman that knows a fair bit and has the means and intent to always know more.

Anyway, lets move away from the concentric circles of Gaborone youth and their navel gazing constellation of introspection about (un) important things. I mean, in simpler terms, that too many young ‘uns in the capital tend to confuse swagger with relevance.

Anyway, the Kgatleng district has been in the news lately for what The Monsieur sees as egos gone wild… unfortunately the ego battles had all too real effects in the real world. To give a one line summary, a Tswana King has had his government recognition withdrawn… Yawn.

Now if you don’t happen to drive a government registered car and happen to be in that nick of the woods, say Mochudi… or Oodi even, do drive on down the road towards a place called Mmathubudukwane. This fascinating little hamlet skirting the Botswana/South Africa border is home to Macufe… a liquor restaurant by license but an atmosphere not to be sniffed at by reputation and vibe.

The first I heard of Macufe refered to by name was on the way to a burial in Sikwane. The the name Macufe came up and it was described as, “bara ye e butsweng ke maCat a Gaborone.” (A bar opened by some Gabs kats – read kats as dudes/G’s/boyz) Little did I know I would see it later that night.

See it I did, like it I did… unfortunately… it was closed. Personally I just felt good looking at the large space with huge windows just waiting for good people to come through and have a good time there. But I can tell you right now that there isn’t a place like that anywhere you have been to in Gabs. Matter of fact I may just find myself there on the first available weekend to get the full Macufe for myself.

But exactly why Macufe is making such an impression at all is that it is situated in such an unlikely place, Mmathubudukwane… doesn’t exactly roll off the tounge, does it. Because it is so highly unlikely, its is akin to an oasis, and that’s the thing about those spots of refreshment in the desert, you never really know how much you need them until you experience them. I would like to say more but will leave you with this, the fact that some fairly popular South African performers would like to come and perform there, sight unseen, says a lot about what Macufe really holds.
So for those swagger blind young uns looking for a really good (true) story to tell about their weekend, put your thebes together and get on the road to Macufe, in the Kgatleng district. Hopefully there will soon be camping available there so you don’t have to run the gauntlet of the booze bus and other party poopers on your way back to lord it over your less informed friends about having been to Macufe… you snobs.

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