The Juice is Loose

25 Oct

Go tsamaya ke go bonwa – To travel is to be seen.

So I perverted a Setswana saying a little but it is highly appropriate as I just caught a glimpse of a face familiar to Botswana’s currently meagre catwalks. Juice Tsile is an above average height mami from Banadleng, she was originally discovered by Mpho Laing. Anyone recall those models dressed in black holding Orange internet ready devices…? Actually that idea is still being used by Orange every now and again. That was probably the first time Juice was seen by the main stream. Well time has marched on and Juice is obviously squeezing everything she can out of the slim pickings that currently pass for catwalk shows in Botswana. On that note lets watch this space and lets see who comes back for more next year between Gabs Fashion Night 2, Colour in the Desert Fashion Week 2, Botswana Fashion Week 1,5 and who knows what else will rise fashionably from the chaos. Anyway Juice was a staple at all of those shows so that sets our girl apart from the chaff… as it were.

A weekend on the Africa Fashion Week catwalks is just what any model needs to get really going… how else are you going to be seen in the biggest media pool in our region? What about the Internet you say…? I say this is Africa my friendo, and nothing beats getting you out there than word of mouth. Juice has certainly got my mouth (well fingers in this case) working about her strut at AFW working out the Tanzanian designer Mustafa Hassanali’s garments. Mustafa was doing AFW Beeg with his Uhuru Collection… Tanzania is 50 years old don’t cha ya know. This high profile strut should give our girl that push to really get  her out there, can you say Swahili Fashion Week anyone? Though it isn’t confirmed to my ears yet, I wouldn’t be surprised to find Juice making beautiful for Mustafa all the way in Zanzibar later this year.

So lets see… we will have Kaone… Juice… and err who else again strutting the flag high?

Pics – Simon Deiner/SDR Photo

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