6 Oct

You know… I have never owned a single product created by this fruitful electronics company. I have however enjoyed the use of many of its products, especially the computers. I would freely acknowledge that the computers worked better than any others, and also that I did not want to buy one as well.

It was always a gut feeling more than a reasoned out decision. Eventually when the personality of the company’s founder, leader visionary, tyrant etc… became a thing of mysticism I felt justified. I have an issue with mysticism, that borders on being negative… but I can hold 6 years of Catholic boys’ boarding school responsible for that. So now anything that comes with a hint of incense, even metaphorically, I tend to regard with serious mistrust. The incense of the technofruit company had always been emotional but backed up with a healthy bit of common sense and great functionality. See! I never hated on the actual products, more the veritable religion of the product offering.

I hope macs are on special now that the religion needs a new figurehead… for the short term. Step forward Mr Jonathan ”Jony” Ive and claim your rightful throne.

Say what you are thinking.

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