Go Shoot Kevin Spacey

5 Oct

Whiskey and shootings are cousins (via the marriage of cause and effect) in gun loving whiskey (bourbon actually) drinking Southern States in America… or so the little screen will have you believe up until the end of the millennium anyway. After that 2000th year milestone TV content advertising potentially harmful things was just beginning to embrace a newly neutered age of political correctness. That was the “nineteen neuties” trying to set a tone for the future. Along came a recession, now going for a second helping of the world’s economy if the West is to be believed, and messed up our collective political correctness priorities.

In 2011 alcohol in general is back with renewed vengeance on public platforms, this time with added sneakiness dressed as creativity. Booze must have seen what happened to cigarettes and is taking no chances. Take for instance the Amstel Larger sponsored acting reality show… you do need Amstel just to get through most of it. In Botswana St Louis larger (a lightly alcoholic thirst quenching drink resembling beer) is apparently going to cobble together several musical stars voted for by the public for a yearend concert… that’s all, getting a random set of people (because not only St Louis drinkers like a good time) to select a random music line up for a totally random concert… offering only 10 grand as a performance fee… watch this space.

However this all flies in the face of the alcohol austerity measures currently wrestling with the Botswana’s thirst for booze. Legislation to ban alcohol advertising is languishing… or crouching some might say, in the bureaucracy that defines government machinations. Meanwhile the goose (thirst for liquor) is also laying quite the handsome golden eggs to the tune of 40% more Pula per alcoholic sip. The Ministry of the Future, unfortunately named Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture, is the custodian of the golden eggs and is still reeling from the endless bounty, or so it seems since the flood of cash hasn’t yet significantly spurred development in Youth, Sport or Culture and therefore the future.

Back to whiskey… Jameson has also entered the sponsorship arty farty party, and this one is something special… really special.  The Jameson First Shot film competition is a like an evolution of Jameson’s long association with film festivals, such as the Encounters Documentary Film Festival in South Africa and, obviously, the Dublin International Film Festival. The Jameson First Shot competition requires screen writer/film director wanna bes, shouldn’t be’s, never gona be’s, already are’s as well as a minority of gona be’s to write a script which if it is selected will be made into a short film featuring Kevin Spacey as the lead actor.

Let me give you 122 reasons why Kevin Spacey…. all 122 minutes of that film American Beauty!  Kevin playing a bored, “midlife-crisised” and ultimately perverted suburban dad over infatuated with his daughter’s friend was scary. Kevin (as Lester Burnham) had me looking at middle-aged white guys in the movie audience with an involuntary shudder. That shudder bordered on pure terror when thinking back just how many regular looking middle-aged white men were my teachers at the various fancy schools I went to in my life. Now that I am a father to a wonderful (so far) daughter, I thank divine provenance every day that I am black, and don’t live in the suburbs just yet. Respect the Spacey!

The one annoying thing about the Jameson competition is that you have to live in South Africa, USA or Russia. MaScotch (a sect of old skool whiskey drinkers; current known habitats include Parliament, prominent government posts and Notwane Bar) must be a dying breed locally so isn’t it time to revive these old whiskey drinking traditions for art’s sake. Oh…like who knew the Russians were such consummate whiskey drinkers anyway?

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