Billionaires and Aspirations – Forbes Africa

28 Sep

Well, it’s here now a fancy mag for the rich and powerful… OK, OK, Forbes Africa isn’t all that fancy really, it’s just practical. A functioning mix of economics and finance articles given a human touch since they talk about the (rich) people rather than just the fiscal forces that birthed their wealth. So not entirely boring then, especially as Forbes also informs you on how the rich get there through their expert analysis of the money jungle. It’s not high brow language so the info inspires you somewhat rather than intimidates so that you too could get there as well… someday.

Anyway Botswana’s athletics golden girl, Amantle Montsho, made the issue, sans picture, but it’s enough that she is being recognised in the First Africa Issue of Forbes Magazine. Now if they could just follow up with a story about successful African sporting talent management in the next issue since Amantle really needs a dedicated agent on that angle.

The 20 most powerful women in Africa is surprisingly dominated by South Africa, 11 out of the 20 are women from South Africa… though Graca Machel is… well whatever, guess she is a powerful African woman first, where she lays her head isn’t so important in the grander scheme of things. The heavy South African presence is a surprise because it is a stereotypical view; that Joburg makes the most money on the continent so it follows that powerful women are a dime a dozen in those fields of gold. Hell the Malawian Vice president, Joyce Banda (no relation to former Zambian president Rupiha Banda, ) is pitted against Gill Marcus who’s concern is only the financial affairs of South Africa’s Reserve Bank is so unbalanced in so many ways. Me thinks it would be just fine to say the most powerful women in business, politics, social climbing etc… would have been more useful.

And oh, Lena Mohohlo made the grade at number ten. Lena is only the Governor of the Bank of Botswana, and this bank is only the bank that will soon be processing unheard off billions as Debeers moves its heart and soul to Botswana in the next two years. A move that’s kind of an overnight move wouldn’t you say… considering what Debeers deals in and the sway they have in that most mercurial of industries, the diamond business.

Botswana journo Reginald Richardson also penned a piece about a rich-and-evasive-about-it gentleman called Base Sebonego… err Who? So moving right along I thought the story was a bit chatty, but you know its OK, it was more a skim the surface interview about a man whom Botswana’s army of interns should look to in terms of his-made-it-despite-the-odds story. Base owns Mosele Legal Services, a company which gives you legal cover for a small fee a month. Base is about to lauch Home Assist, a company which, for a small fee every month, will provide maintenance services for your home. It’s a sad fact that Batswana love debt even more then they love alcohol so a solution that steers them away from debt is bound to be attractive. No wonder Base is about to be Oprah rich… nah, that doesn’t compute, lets say Base is about to be Nchindo rich instead… we get that picture.

So welcome Forbes, Africa its gona be good checking you out… especially since you got Patrice to wear a half way decent shirt on your first cover for a change.

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