Artspicious Goings on in the Main Mall

27 Sep

There is something artspicious going on in the Main Mall, it is quite simply an art gallery. But what makes is so artspicious you wanna know… well this gallery is in the Debswana building commandeering a healthy chunk of the ground floor. It is a prime space in a prime location for a prime purpose and it is all F-R-E-E of charge for the curator Karabo Radipudi. I know… I was also green with every emotion associated with the colour.

Karabo was smart enough to merge her art intentions with Debswana’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme. Its was a master stroke of note and I will tell you why. In Botswana art tends to get the cold shoulder from many local corporates because art doesn’t rank when held up against a press picture of, lets say, “AIDS Orphans” receiving branded t-shirts and a newly painted playground.

Karabo is sitting on ground zero for a huge opportunity for credible artists that need their work noticed, even if its only because the art is mounted on a heavy weight corporation’s walls. The other benefit is that for the time being, because it costs her nothing to look after the space, it will cost artists nothing to show there and sell their work from the space.

Incidentally the gallery is called Healing Art Gallery. Karabo says that is the ultimate aim of the gallery, to heal. I can relate, I felt healed over there… mainly that Debswana allowed it and also because Karabo also said she wants crazy people to come do their art thing there… Excuse me while I round up the posse.

Pic – (Athi Patra Ruga in action)

PS – Artspicious. Noun. Made up word for good fortune in an arty sort of way.

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