Not For Players Only

26 Sep

There is a guy called Vikter Duplaix, and he isn’t from Russia with a first name spelt that way, nor is he from some sweaty French underground club with a second name spelt that way. Either way it isn’t as important as the fact that this mofo is about to turn Soweto on its head this Sunday… *Silent Moment of prayer. Had I known… Had I bloody known! Y’all would be on a big ol’ bus with me this Sunday to go nurse your post independence weekend hangovers ka daa. Bona enough talk just, take a hit of THIS once or twice and tell me who’s your daddy.

About the Thesis item… I first came across them while doing a search for something totally unrelated. They hit because I guess they were repping their hood, Soweto, internationally in a way that got the internationals talking and inviting Thesis over to theirs, but most importantly they got the internationals coming over to see Soweto for themselves.

I was over there myself and had a damn ball. Starting with a complete bunch of helpful strangers shipping me half way across Mofolo and back to look for a functioning ATM. Can’t beat that sort of welcome by a long shot. I also got to hear all about what the Thesis thing was all about from the owners and total strangers, and cool peeps, it was all positive. Heck I could go on about that dope thing… but that’s not the point.

Now don’t go feeling like you are left out just because you live in Botswana (read that as Gabs) and have an irrational fear of the original Kasi. In Gabs you could go to the Main Mall and get you some of the same sort of love at The BW Store. These young Bucks are rolling on a multi mission tip. Yes they got that fresh swagger thing on lock, they also want to uplift the unsigned hype profiles of artists in Gabs (and Bots), they also want to give back even if it is a little at a time. That is like where the Thesis concept also sort of started, young bucks with ideas and the energy, not necessarily the money. Look at Thesis now.

Photo – Sean Armenta

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