Random Acts of Brilliance

22 Sep

Sometimes you really do have to look at the West with envy… and for the wrong reasons, as usual. I came up on this interesting bunch of activists that try to get their country (U.K.) to stop selling guns and ammo to the bad guys… or maybe be a bit more responsible with who they sell death to.

Why do I envy them for the wrong reasons….? Because their latest stunt involved attending an arms fair in their country (U.K.) posing as an initiative that replaces lives lost in Third World conflicts with new life in their home country (U.K.) I wont bore you, read all about it. But you have got to envy these peeps that have time to go after big corporations or governments mainly to bring public awareness of the wrong that may be going on. I mean, in Botswana we are too damn busy chasing the Pula to give a rats ass about such things. Sure, we might go on strike but look at the personal and general economic cost… all of  that and I doubt the goals for striking were conclusively achieved. You got to envy the West though for having time to pursue such ideas. Why…?

Say what you are thinking.

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