The Better Way According to Bheki

19 Sep

I am kinda late with this one but it just refuses to get old… so haters the better way for you is you must go and shut up. Remember that other post? The Mzanzians are at it again this time its King Cop Bheki Cele laying down the law in no uncertain terms, and finishing us in the process.  Come on Botswana politicians and local artists get together on this and make us all laugh at ourselves a little, preferably a lot, but laugh all the same.

Yo! Actually you know what, there is one guy who consistently makes me wonder where his work has been all my life. We met when he was still a starving student in Cape Town, and unfortunately I was too caught up fending off the Cape Town storms-in-a-tea-cup to notice the brilliance back then. But anyway Mr Albert Lekgaba is not to be messed with in the political satire division. I mean he isn’t quite a Zapiro or a Yalo just yet… but watch this space.

Illustration – Albert Lekgaba

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