Blowing my Own Horn

15 Sep

Blowing your own horn is something we are not adept at in the clan I come from… actually after seeing a video of it once… I am glad it’s not in our DNA. Where I come from we expect our good deeds to do the talking, a frustrating personal trait as sometimes the good deeds take decades before they are acknowledged. This is not the first big up for this brand spanking new blog, but I like it because I am gona do a post on this kat’s relevance to our situation soon soon… and if he is watching, it means a dozen more like him are on (this) one. The other thing is that dude is engaging, and actually he has an interesting idea in there as well… that’s what these public platforms are for. Yes well that and that little bit of vanity in some cases, but it’s just to own it and everything will be OK.

The big up is below.

Greetings Ewe

I’m loving your blog, posts are very me relevant and that keeps me looking forward to the next.
Two thoughts hit me, on goings on in the city, that I’d like to hear/read about in Monsieur Polk wording.
1. There’s a combi in block8 where I stay, that goes directly to Game City. I’m yet to jump on it, every opportunity I had was missed, since its only 1 combi, as in just one vehicle that takes the route. It’s a Block8 route4 and I assume the driver’s the only person doing it. Thought it would be nice to put him on blast, or his initiative, taking the road less travelled,
rather not travelled.
2. 20Pula bill and 200Pula bill, how alike the two notes are. Just now I’m expecting the local morogo dealer to pass by and put me on some Amstel spinach. I grab a 20Pula note to meet him at the gate, only to u-turn back into the house to double check the note. The way its folded all I see’s a 20 figure, so I unfold to check if another zero pops up. It doesn’t, but picture that had it.
Happy to see the blog Nokia friendly,
bye bye!

Pic –

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