One Travel a Day

11 Sep

In my family we used to travel all the damn time. There was nothing special about it as the destination was the point not so much the journey. There was moving house which happened regularly enough for it to qualify as travelling. There were also the visits to various grannies, aunties and uncles in three countries. Next came travelling to boarding school which prompted even more travelling to visit the friends from boarding school.  Higher education brought on more travel, which led to travelling to find work as at that point the skills acquired were not yet required in the Botswana job market. Eventually returning home still entailed some travel for the job that kept us in Botswana in the first place. Yes, well as you can see some of us are well marinated when it comes to travelling, seriously seasoned even.

These days virtually all of that travelling is called tourism… yes the art of travelling just to travel, not to get anywhere physical, specifically. The destination of tourism is more a spiritual place, for instance we might tourist it up to distress from paying the taxman, or tourist it up to celebrate a friend inching closer to the grave by a year; there is even “touristing” to go watch your favourite sporting teams rough each other up on the playing field. This week was Tourism Week and South Africa Tourism (SAT) was in Gabs to make sure people in Botswana understood what travelling is all about. As a tourism authority SAT wants to see all 2 million (nearly) of us Batswana over there in Mzanzi for some reason or another, preferably enjoying their 40% cheaper wine in a serene 5 star wilderness setting; and not just taking advantage of the more affordable grocery shopping.

This incredible part of the world, err Southern Africa as a whole, is so diverse that you never have to leave, like ever. I have yet to return to Europe since last travelling there a decade ago and I still haven’t had my fill of what’s possible around here. So running around the sharp end of Africa need never get old… where were we again…? Tourism Week with SAT, now how these guys roll is huge, they roll as if they were the Tourism Ministry actually, specifically because they are a sophisticated marketing body which does not leave any little opportunity go unexplored. That means they will find this blog read it and calculate its value and put Monsieur Polk on a trip to somewhere like say Macufe on the strength of the popularity of the post… no really, it is that sophisticated.

Back to the Tourism Week’s raison d’être, which is simply making you (reading this right now) aware of how much more a part of your lifestyle South Africa can become. You know this about South Africa, also this… Now, did you know that, that and that? Now you do. Fantastic isn’t it. But sitting there reading about it is no where near as dope as being about it. Thing is to just get in touch with the right travel company at the right time for the right reasons and it can all be yours too. Tjovicho baby.


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