JayBe Boom

6 Sep

While blitzing through the MTV Video Music awards reruns on a Sunday morning (Headline had mysteriously been rerouted to a later time 😦 for some odd reason) I came across a fresh-like-a-wife-beater Breezy; a John-Travolta-in-Grease-looking Lady Gaga; a Harajuku Me-Nice (ho) looking Nicki Minaj; a reloaded looking Britney Spears and a less vigorous but glowing Beyonce. All that star power for a Sunday morning must be a sin on some level.

So Beyonce did a nice song and when she finished, it was all tossed microphone, unbuttoned sparkly Dolce & Gabbana  jacket and pronounced belly rub… This was not part of the performance it was more a public confirmation that yes, she and Jay Z had collaborated on another sure fire hit. As for the salute crazy Jay Z he was being jostled exuberantly by an ever excited-at-awards-shows Kanye West, all the while the huge pair looking for all the world like two boys extremely proud of them selves over some weekend escapade that definitely involved female nudity. It was an interesting moment. It just proved that millionaires can also get down right idiotic about a new baby… The expectant parents’ excitement and lets say it, pure and utter gloat, we get. The baby step rearranges your whole appreciation of your life, plans and ideas about life. How about Kanye’s (over) excitement… Something which was inexplicable beyond a friend’s happiness over another friend’s joy; however this was more like Kanye was laying claim to having been Jay Z’s caddy when he was putting that shot that will give the world a JayBe by the first quarter of 2012.

Now let’s face it, men all over the world (and some women I am sure) are gah-reen with envy, because they can’t deny it anymore that someone had sex with Beyonce… and it wasn’t them. Sucks to be you. However, the really interesting question is; how many of them are gah-reen-er with envy at Jay Z for fathering the JayBe…? I would wager Kanye secretly knows he would have handled the production more spectacularly; Certainly if Kanye knows that Beyonce should have won an MTV Music Video Award over that other forgettable victim in 2009… a big fat cry for acknowledgment if you ask me. And that’s the thing about unrequited love, it can make a man Watch the Throne (very closely) for his opportunity.

Let’s not hate… too much, and wish the super couple a super pregnancy and also keep an eye out for a celeb baby boom in 2012. Its gona be the latest craze, all over again… Rich, fab and pregnant.

One Response to “JayBe Boom”

  1. Ms Z. September 6, 2011 at 7:24 pm #

    ” I would wager Kanye secretly knows he would have handled the production more spectacularly” hahahahahahahahaha!!! #dead!

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