Wine Flu

6 Sep

A fast one… there is going to be an all night “wine festival” soon… Cue a long line of shoulda- known-betters lined up by the police for a quick mouth frisk with the breathalyzer and a visit to the innards of the newly premiered booze busess currently terrorising Botswana’s heartland, the Central District.

It is a fact that in Botswana we tend to jump the gun when it comes to fun, as in we are quick to put the “in” in decent or the “mis” in behave and we, more often then not, live to tell the damn tale. Why this particular tale is going to end in tears for some is evident in lack of any brand names for the wines that will be staring in the wine festival. Furthermore there is nothing mature about indulgence. Its debauchery plain and simple…

My advice is book a room now and book it until Sunday. Load up the fridge with water, Oros, Stoney Ginger Beer and comfortable clothes. Everyone else, come to the venue with your Blackberrys primed and make sure your Facebook is hungry, there are gona be some sorry ass mofos for you to hunt down. Me, I am staying home, I’m sure Monday will be hysterical with all the cases of wine flu that will be reported at various offices around Gabs.

Botsheleng metsi y’all.

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