Use What You Got to Get What you Want

5 Sep

There is a dope song (not the song) that lent its title to this blog post, the message in the song is straight forward, use your gifts to achieve what you want to achieve. It is soooo the right song because the three owners of the newest kid on the Lifestyle events marketing andPR block are making something out of nothing. And so to the nitty gritty… Lepang Ferguson, Mothusi Lesolle and Karabo Mokgware have come together like the Planeteers to take on the pollution in today’s creative economy. It is what it is, young guns going after big targets, they aim to make them heads turn and turn they will. So how are the BF young turks doing it…? Pay close attention it gets a bit tricky.

The easy part is the online magazine with gloss appeal that focuses on social events, luxury consumer goods, luxury travel, a luxury lifestyle… and I think we can say luxury people. Right! Pay closer attention. BF Lifestyle also does PR, as in public relations, you know as in representing you and your image to the people, and no, it is not marketing, even if you might hear a Motswana saying “Wa imarketa” when someone presents their best values as a quality not a commodity… got that? Now we get to the really difficult part, Lifestyle… we will need a paragraph for this one.

What is lifestyle? This is the part that many a client of BF Lifestyle is going to struggle with, even you the reader are probably going through several definitions as you read this. Simply put, it’s the way you live. The way you live touches on many elements which include food, shelter, communication, transportation, entertainment, leisure, finance and the list just goes on. So what BF Lifestyle does is package those lifestyle elements depending on the context their client needs it in. The online magazine is probably the easiest package to imagine… and actually you don’t have to imagine it, just take a sip of the BF life. Notice the high percentage of Botswana content, very important for an e-publication called Botswana’s Finest Lifestyle.

Attention grabbing utterances aside, “…there is no PR company in Botswana…” – Mokgware; this is a bold step in the right direction. BF Lifestyle will be using technology to leap straight into a global market place, one worth “…billions of American Dollars…” – Ferguson. Yup, the market is huge, remember, it covers everything about a person’s life. Technology should give BF Lifestyle an edge over the slow and cautious approach foisted on Botswana’s creative industries by the local business environment. It’s like owning a Ferrari and only being allowed to drive your Ferrari with the hand brake on, in the garage… yes it’s that silly. Lets not forget relationships, “Yes, we lunch with the Miss Worlds…” – Lesolle, BF lifestyle has a network that has contributors based in America, Botswana, South Africa and parts soon to be know that will see their online content rebrand the high end of Botswana and Africa lifestyle as desirable and worth experiencing first hand.

The venue, Cafe Mint is too sick, sick meaning crazy good. Cafe Mint laid out fantastic food for the event, so fantastic that in the middle of wiping my fingers clean for the umpteenth time I forgot to check if the food was also available on the menu. Cafe Mint is an alcohol free zone where the waiters wear t-shirts that say “Caffeine is not a drug it’s a Vitamin” Nice! You can get your babalaas free fix of cocktails on the terrace while watching Phakalane bound traffic at Sebele Centre at a price that hardly stresses the pocket, it’s a small price to pay for refreshment… literally.

Kick your lifestyle ish into high gear at where they are accepting your registration in exchange for a world of giveaways, a great read, great photography, lifestyle etc… including the possibility of joining the BF crew in Kenya for the Swahili Fashion Week. Need more convincing…? Mrs. Colour in the Desert herself, Mpho Kuaho, will be showing at Swahili Fashion Week so if you can, catch a Kenya Airways and go see for your self how Botswana fashion holds up alongside East Africa’s best.

One thing, even though BF Lifestyle was using what its got to get what it wants, those wedding style plastic chairs and tie-backs are not exactly Botswana’s finest anything, it will only bring out the ghetto in us. So we expect it will never happen again at a BF Lifestyle event, ever.

Pics – Mogomotsi’s BlackBerry &

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