Amantle… very much so

5 Sep

One woman gold rushAmantle Montsho is like Botswana’s current sporting goddess, and we find ourselves ill prepared for her glory. Yes there are people who have supported the champion all through her career, mainly invisible to the main stream but highly relevant to her increasing successes. Then there are the love-her-if-she-is-winning types that every champion must accept exist and must learn to tune out when necessary… that pretty much applies to most people walking the streets of Botswana.

I was given an account of the scary behaviour of people who should know better, and they fall squarely into the love-her-if-she-is-winning category. It turns out a full minister was acting the damn fool (or in my understanding, like a groupie with intentions) during the time that Amantle should have been embracing the love from the ordinary fan on the street. There was a gala dinner later which was a lot more private where elders that should know better could have misbehaved. admittedly we are all happy for our golden girl Amantle, we all cheer in our own way, be it at the bar watching her slice and dice her track opponents on TV, or at the airport when she arrived to share her glory before moving on to gather more victories for her self and a proud nation.

The moral of the story behind her current victories is just that we need someone to belive in us as we go out there and do the best we can. Amantle’s gold rush started with just that, a single teacher that felt she had a destiny to fulfil… and fulfil she did.

Pic – Thato Dipao

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